General Meeting Minutes for 2022   

Grand Island Lions Club Meeting minutes
Wed., January 12, 2021, via Zoom

In attendance: Lions Dick, Tom R., Tom W., Kelly,
Jim, Paul B., Paul K., Dave, Anne F and Ashley
Call to order 6:40 pm
Pledge of Allegiance
Invocation: Lion Paul B
First VP Dick indicated that LP Kim is not able to fulfill
her duties as Pres. at this time due to other pressing
responsibilities. Dick will preside in her place .
There was conversation about how nice the Christmas
Party was. It was attended by the Dist. Gov and our
club was
happy to enjoy the program provided by Lion Kelly
and Jim McGarvey. Thanks Kelly and Jim.!
Scholarship report by Lion Paul B.
Lion Paul asked for ideas on how to encourage more
applicants for the 2 scholarships that we offer. He will
an email with the application and cover letter for the
BOD to review and suggest changes that they deem
appropriate, if any. It was confirmed that the total
monetary awards total $2500.
Lion Paul B also reported that the Club received a $50
donation from Ester Westfal in appreciation for loan
items used by her husband Herb.
Spaghetti Dinner: report by Lion Dick
Because the K of C might be sold by then, we should
look for another venue for our Dinner. Dick asked Paul
B if he
would check with St Timothy’s to see if their Fellowship
Hall would be available and under what terms.
Paul will
report back.
(If any member has ideas or recommendations for an
Island location, please contact Lion Dick Crawford at
Correspondence: Lion Tom W.
The NYS and Bermuda acknowledged our $300 donation.
We will receive an Uplinger award to give this
Budget Report: Lion Tom W
Tom will arrange a meeting of the Budget Committee
(Dick and Anne F) for later this month to complete the
Budget for this year. The report will be available at the
next meeting.
Tom also reported that the Afghan refugees in Buffalo
exceeded their goal of $750,000.
Old Business: Lion Dave, Lion Tom W
Jodi Robinson told Dave that IsleDeGrande will once
again publish our newsletter after resolving some technical
Tom will invite a guest to the next meeting to propose
a diaper drive to keep our Club in the public view.
Motion to adjourn 7:20pm Lion Anne F. Second Lion
There was not a quorum to conduct business at a BOD
meeting, so it was cancelled.
Respectfully submitted,
Lion Anne Fahning


Grand Island Lions Club General Meeting
February 23, 2022

Attendance: 7; Dick Crawford, Anne Fahning, Tom Witkowski,
Shelia Ferrentino, Anne Ryan, Henry Lobl, Donna
The meeting was called to order by 1st VP Lion Dick at 6:40
We discussed ideas to try to get membership back and get
members involved in the club again. Social for all members
to attend, on a different night than our regular meetings. We
request that all members make every effort to attend. At that
time, we can determine what changes we need to make as
an organization to encourage attendance and involvement.
Motion to approve the January minutes, Lion Tom, seconded
by Lion Henry, minutes from the January meeting
were approved.
Scholarship committee: We will discuss when Lion Paul B
compiles survey information.
Thank you from the Seibert family on a loan for a wheelchair,
Peace Poster: Community center meeting in May for the
past 2 years.
Spaghetti Dinner:
The dinner will be at the KOC 4/25/2022. Take out and seat
in for a limited number of guests on a reserve basis.
Basket raffle, similar to what we did last year, 2 large baskets,
or maybe a little more, possibility of having pictures of
the baskets inside.
Lion Dick will inquire about a bartender.
Special Kids Picnic: Shelia will contact the BLC to see if
they are willing to host on their grounds and Lion Ashley
will give us a perspective on the school district situation.
Treasurers Report: Report was distributed. A budget
committee of Dick, Tom and Anne F.. To meet at Lion
Tom W house on February 28 at 6 PM. There are many
requests for funds that will be discussed at the budget
Motion to accept the TR, Lion Anne, seconded by Lion
Shelia, all in favor, motion passed.
Communication: Lion Tom; donation requests that will
be discussed at the budget meeting.
Pop up eyeglass clinic: This event has been successful
in Kenmore. The Niagara Falls Community Lions Club will
host a similar event on Saturday May 14, 2022 from 9-4
PM at the Salvation Army of Niagara Falls 7018 Buffalo
Ave, Niagara Falls NY 14304
Free eyeglasses and screenings and fitting of eyeglasses
at no cost, no appointment necessary, first come first
served. Please share this to your social media.
Guest speaker at the May 11 meeting: Ray Zylinski
from the Visually Impaired Advancement VIA (formally of
the Olmstead)
Convention: May 19-22 Niagara Falls. Lion Tom W will
send out an email asking for volunteers.
Motion to adjourn: Lion Shelia, seconded by Lion Anne,
all in favor, motion approved. 7:27 PM
Respectfully submitted: Donna Lavallee


Grand Island Lions Club General Meeting
March 9, 2022

Attendance: Dick Crawford, Anne Fahning, Anne Ryan, Shelia
Ferrentino, Henry Lobl, Tom Rusert, Tom Witkowski, Paul Bassette
The meeting was called to order by 1st V.P. Dick Crawford at
7:30 PM.
Pledge to Flag: Henry Lobl
National Anthem: Tom Rusert
Invocation: Paul Bassette
Motion made by Lion Tom Witkowski and 2nd by Tom Rusert to
approve Feb. 23 General Meeting minutes. Motion approved.
Peace Poster Contest Report: Lion Paul Bassette reported that
we will honor our last 3 years 1st & 2nd place winners of the contest
at the May 25 General Membership meeting. Paul next led
a discussion on where to hold this Peace Poster Contest honoring
the winners. He indicated that if it was to be held at the Buffalo
Launch Club it would cost our club a large amount of
money. The winners and their parents would receive the meal
at our expense. If we hold it at the Community Center and the
meal catered it would be less expensive. After much discussion,
Lion Paul will get the costs per meal at the BLC. We have sufficient
monies in our general fund to cover the cost at the BLC
and the Lions at this meeting would like the honoring meeting at
the BLC. Lion Paul will give the report at the next meeting on
the costs of the meals for the Peace Post Contest winners at the
Committee Reports:
Lion Tom Witkowski reported on the proposed Lions Club
budget for 2021-2022. With limited discussion, motion
made by Lion Tom Witkowski and 2nd by Lion Anne
Fahning to approve budget as presented. Motion
Lion Dick Crawford reported on our Spaghetti Dinner of April
25 to be held at the Knights of Columbus. Lion Dick
mentioned that available Lions will meet at the K of C to
check out the main room in the K. of C. on Friday March
11 at 11:00 AM to see if it could be practical to hold a
sit-down dinner along with a take-out dinner. Lion Anne
Fahning led a discussion on the Basket Raffle on what
she would like to have happen. She would like more gift
certificates and liquor donations. She indicated she
needs to revise the list of businesses here on the Island.
Next, Lion Dick led a discussion on ticket prices for the
dinner. It was finally agreed to charge $10 for adults
and $5 for children.
Special Kids Picnic in July: Lion Shelia indicated that the
Buffalo Launch Club will allow our club to hold the SKP
at their facilities. Lion Ashley Digati will check out the
Buffalo Public Schools if they will allow the kids to come
to the picnic.
Scholarship Program: Lion Paul Bassette reported that the
scholarship applications are on file at the Grand Island
Senior High School. Grand Island students going to off
Island schools, applications are also available and Lion
Mark Frentzel is handling that part. Lion Paul thanked
the Lions who made e-mail suggestions on making improvements
in our Scholarship applications. All applications
by the students are due April 6.
Treasurers Report: Lion Tom Witkowski reported on the
balances in the welfare account and the general account.
With limited discussion, motion made and 2nd to approve
the Treasurers Report. Motion was approved.
Communications received: Lion Tom Witkowski reported on
various written requests for donations to various organizations.
With the sheet on our recent history of donation
requests. Tom went over the requests and suggestions
on what we might do. The Barker Lions Club 75th Anniversary
was decided that Lions themselves can pay their
own way to the anniversary dinner when invited. $100
was approved for the Greater Buffalo Adaptive Sports
Blind Hockey Team; eliminated from the list were the
Guide Dog Foundation, Hopeful Ways, and SABAH. It
was also approved to give $100 to Junior Olympics,
$100 to Mercy Flight and $150 to Young Life. We will
substitute Gliding Stars instead of SABAH. We will contribute
to Seeds of Love.
Old Business: None at this time
New Business: Lion Paul Bassette reported on the upcoming
nominations for the Robert J. Uplinger and Melvin
Jones Awards. Information to these specific committees
have gone out or will be going out to those committee
members involved.
Diaper Project: Lion Tom Witkowski reported on our Diaper
collection project and on where the barrels for new
diapers might be located here on the Island. Several
suggestions were made including the Town Hall. Collection
of new diapers will be due in the next couple of
District 20N Update: Lion Tom Witkowski reported on various
happenings and items that were being carried out in
District 20N at the last Cabinet meeting. Our Lions Club
have reached Model Club standing for LCIF.
Registration for the Lions 20 State Convention will be held in
Niagara Falls from May 19-22. Registration costs per
Lion will be $35. Our club will cover the cost of registration
for 2 members of our club.
Motion to adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM as approved
by all attending members.
Submitted by Lion Paul Bassette


Grand Island Lions Club General Meeting
April 13, 2022

Attendance: 12; Dick Crawford, Anne Fahning, Tom Witkowski,
Tom Rusert, Jim Ryan, Shelia Ferrentino, Norm Hahn, Paul Bassette,
Paul Krupa, Donna Lavallee, possible new member Faye Teluk
The meeting was called to order by Lion President Dick at 7:02 PM
Pledge: Lion Norm
Patriotic song: Lion Tom R
Prayer: Lion Paul Bassette
Motion to approve the March minutes, Lion Dick, seconded by
Lion Tom W, minutes from the March meeting were approved.
Peace Poster: Paul Bassette This will be at the BLC, there will be a
max of 4 youth and their parents 12 in total. May for the past 2
years. Meal cost will be $30.
Spaghetti Dinner:
The dinner will be at the KOC 4/25/2022. We really need to get the
word out, boost on social media, so far we have limited sales; 37.
Ads will be in the island wide dispatch. The press release will be in
the Pennysaver and the dispatch. Also, in the reporter’s notebook in
the Buffalo News. The signs will go up the week before. Kelly will
be dropping off fliers to be posted on community boards.
Basket raffle, similar to what we did last year, 2 large baskets, or
maybe a little more, possibility of having pictures of the baskets
inside. Set up from 10-noon. An email will be sent out to members
to make a donation towards the basket raffles. We have help from
Young Life, Scouts and youth at school looking for community
Uplinger Award:
There has been a suggestion to honor Tops for their donations to the
Spaghetti Dinner
Scholarship: Lion Paul: So far there are 10 applicants, so far none
for Character and Effort scholarship, these individuals are nominated
by the counselors
Special Kids Picnic: Shelia is working with Ashley on this to try to
get a count. We will need to know at least a month ahead of time
for portable toilets, etc. The BLC is on board. The date is July 20,
2022. Shelia will start calling vendors. Lion Anne will start calling
the boat captains. Lion Dick will contact the sheriff. The antique
boat club will be making a donation of $500 towards the SKP. Lion
Tom W will take care of the liability insurance, we need to know
the names of the boat owners. The boats should have life jackets,
we can provide extras if needed. Lion Ashley suggested a name
change for the Picnic as “Special Kids Picnic” as this is antiquated.
Treasurers Report: Report was distributed via email. Welfare and
General account balances were reviewed. Split club has $4. Set up a
date for Photo op for large print books. Motion to accept the TR,
Lion Paul K, seconded by Lion Paul B, all in favor, motion passed.
Town wide clean up: April 23, 2022 GI Blvd between Webb
south towards Taco Lindo restaurant. Time 8-noon. Lion Dick
will send out an email. Last year the town had 28 groups participate.
Thank You’s: GBAS Lions Club for donation, Union Spring
Lions Club: donation for Junior Olympics, Braille Group of
Buffalo, Excaliber, Young Life, GI Central School PARP for
readers, Lion Camp Badger $50 tickets for a super raffle, 10
tickets were sold
Old Business: New signs on the entrances on GI. This will
hopefully take place within the year.
Diaper Drive for Feedmore: Bins will be picked up on Monday,
April 18. Lion Tom is checking on the need for diapers for the
GI Neighbors Foundation, suggesting that maybe we supply
diapers on an as needed basis.
Convention: May 19-22 Niagara Falls. You need to preregister,
meal orders by 5/10, We need to send in for our delegates.
Lion Tom will check with the state.
Pop up eyeglass clinic: Training on May 7, from Noon to 3
PM. Saturday May 14th from 8 Am to 4 PM.
New Business:
Lion Donna: Interest on sponsoring a clothing bin donation
site? Not at this time.
Lion Kelly: Reviewed the slate of officers for 2022-2023, Any
nominations from the floor. Motion to accept the slate Lion
Paul K, seconded by Lion Paul B. All in favor.
Membership dues are due by June 15th.
Upcoming meetings and events:
April 25- Spaghetti Dinner
April 27 – Community Center
May 11 Community Center
May 25: BLC
June 8: Installation Dinner BLC $35
Motion to adjourn: Lion Tom R, seconded by Lion Tom W, all
in favor, motion approved. 8:26 PM
Respectfully submitted: Donna Lavallee


Grand Island Lions Club General Meeting
May 11, 2022

Attendance: 12; Dick Crawford, Anne Fahning, Tom Witkowski, Jim
Ryan, Henry Lobl,, Paul Krupa, Kelly McGarvey, Dave Chervinsky,
Donna Lavallee, Guests, Sharon Battaglia, Ray Zylinski, Dominic
Laurencella, Noel from Journeys End
The meeting was called to order by Lion President Dick at 6:33 PM
Pledge: Lion Henry
Patriotic song: Lion Paul K
Prayer: Lion Donna
Motion to approve the April minutes, Lion Paul, seconded by Lion
Kelly, minutes from the April meeting were approved.
Peace Poster: Dick Crawford This will be at the BLC on May 25,
2022, there will be 2 winners youth and their parents 12 in total.
Meat Raffle: Kiwanis would like to co-host a meat raffle with our club
we will have a preliminary meeting regarding these.
Special Kids Picnic: Shelia is working and will be contacting members
to volunteer. So far we have around 500 committed. A sheet
was shared with members on preliminary sign up and assignments
if you would prefer to do something different, contact Lion Shelia.
Spaghetti Dinner:
Lion Tom sent an email out regarding the finances. We were down
from previous years with a net profit of $2700, dinner counts were
down. We were at around 250 dinners.
Basket raffle, Lion Dick spoke to Dr. Graham at the high school and
he indicated that we could come back to the high school if we want.
We had a lot of help from Young Life Youth.

Scholarship: Lion Dick: Meeting tomorrow night at Mark Frenzel’s
office There are 10 applicants and 2 for Character and Effort scholarship.
Guest speaker: Ray Zylinski from Vision Education Specialist at
Visually Impaired Advancement (formally Olmstead). Ray shared his
story and gave information on the current services of Visually Impaired
Advancement. LP Dick presented a $150 check in support of
Treasurers Report: Report was distributed via email. Welfare and
General account balances were reviewed.
Presentation: Presentation of $1000 to Noel De La Rosa from Journeys
End. Sharon Battaglia with a matching grant of $500 and Tom
Witkowski with a $500 check from our club. Mr. De La Rosa gave
the club a briefing on Journeys End.
Correspondence: Lion Dick picked up some patches from Lion Kim.
One is from the 100th year celebration.
New Business:
Membership dues are due by June 15th.
Upcoming meetings and events:
May 25: BLC – Peace Poster
June 8: Installation Dinner BLC $35
Motion to adjourn: Lion Jim, seconded by Lion Kelly, all in favor,
motion approved. PM
Respectfully submitted: Donna Lavallee


Grand Island Lions Club General Meeting
May 25, 2022

Attendance: (19 in attendance) Paul Krupa, Jim Ryan, Anne Ryan,
Paul Bassette, Dave Chervinsky, Jeanine Justine, Shelia Ferrentino,
Tom Rusert, Tom Witkowski, Donna Lavallee, Kelly
McGarvey, Anne Fahning, possible new member Faye Teluk.
Guests: Alice Gerard, Rocky Nagel, Marge Marasco, peace poster
winner Eleanor Murray and her parents.
Lion Tom Witkowski called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM for Lion
President Dick Crawford who is out with Covid.
Lion Jeanine led us in the Pledge to the Flag, Lion Tom R led us in
a patriot song and Lion Paul B led us in prayer
Peace Poster Winner: from the past 2 years. Unfortunately, 4 of
the 5 winners could not be here tonight. Objective of the Peace
poster contest is to allow middle school students to express their
ideas about peace. Winning criteria is based on use of theme,
artistic merit and originality. Winners for 2019-2020: Theme
“Journey of Peace” 1st place Noah Magee, 2nd Andrew Kozlowski.
2020-2021 Theme:” Peace through service” 1st place McKenna
Lavin 2nd place winner Noah Magee/ 2021-2022 Theme “We are
all Connected” 1st place winner Eleanor Murray presented her
poster. Winning posters will be on display in the GI Library for 1
Antique and Classic Boat Society: Lion Tom Rusert is a long-time
member. Guests Rocky Nagel and Marge Marasco were at our
meeting to present a contribution. Marge Marasco addressed the
club and offered a contribution to the Kids picnic from Niagara
Frontier Antique and Classic Boat Society. This club will also try to
get some boats to the Kids Picnic. This year’s boat show is September
17, 2022 at the Buffalo Launch Club.
Committee reports:
Pop up eyeglass clinic: There were 110 people that received
glasses for the first time. There will be a similar clinic this fall in
State Convention was this past weekend. A proposed dues increase
will be voted on at the International Convention in Montreal
this July. The proposal is to increase the dues by a total of $7.00
over the next three Lions' years.
Treasurers Report: Motion to accept the treasurers report, Paul
Krupa, seconded by Lion Paul Bassette. All in favor, motion passed.
Peace Poster: Lion Tom will order next year’s kit
Budget: We are all set.
Spaghetti Dinner: There is a contested fraudulent charge of
$172.79, Lion Tom will look into this and report back to the club.
Scholarship committee: four $500 scholarships will be awarded at
graduation: Megan Lavis, Connor Lenhard, Noelle Linenfelser and
Riley Weber. The $500 character scholarship to Alyssa Robertson
SPK: Everyone has the list on their duties; problems see Lion
Shelia. Lion Shelia will be getting the past expenses so that we are
aware our budget. There are currently about 175 people planning on
Correspondence: Thank you cards were received from: Visually
Impaired Advancement, Journey’s End, GI Library for large print
Installation Dinner: June 8, 2022 at the Buffalo Launch Club Lion
Paul K needs a count by May 30th
New business:
Lion Tom W will be vice president of the Brandel Murphy Foundation.
Lion Tom received the Organization of Past District Governors
Leadership Award. It is awarded annually to one Lion per district
across the state and Bermuda.
Motion to adjourn Lion Paul, seconded by Lion Jim meeting adjourned
8:31 PM.
Next meeting is 6/8/22 at the BLC our Installation Dinner
Respectively submitted by Lion Donna Lavallee



Grand Island Lions Club General Meeting
Installation Dinner
June 08, 2022

Attendance: (22 in attendance)  Tom Witkowski, Diana Witkowski, Dave Chervinsky, Paul Krupa, Judy Krupa, Anne Fahning, Bob Fahning, Dick Crawford,  Marla Crawford, Paul Bassette, Judy Bassette, Tom Rusert, Peg Rusert, Kelly McGarvey, Jim McGarvey, Donna Lavallee, Stu Lavallee, Jim Ryan, Jeff Jarvis, Amie Jarvis, Guests: Mary Cooke, Jeff Cooke

Lion Past President Paul Krupa called the meeting to order at 6:48 PM.  Pledge; Lion Dick, Patriotic song; Kelly McGarvey and prayer by Lion Paul Bassette.

Lion Tom W: introduced guests PDG Jeff Jarvis and Amie Jarvis, Lion Paul K introduced PLP Jeff Cooke and Mary Cooke

Presentation of Gift:  Lion Paul Krupa to Lion Dick Crawford for stepping up and filling in as President.

2021-2022 Attendance/Milestone Awards:  Lion Kelly presented attendance and milestone awards, Mark Frenzel 15 years, Shelia Ferrentino, 20 years, Paul Krupa 25 years, Tom Bulter, 40 years

Perfect Attendance awards
Henry Lobl, Paul Bassette, Dave Chervinsky, Dick Crawford, Anne Fahning, Shelia Ferrentino, Paul Krupa, Tom Witkowski, Tom Rusert, Kelly McGarvey, Anne Ryan, Jim Ryan, Ashley Digati, Tom Digati, Donna  Lavallee 

Robert J Uplinger:  Lion Paul Bassette and Lion Dave presented the Robert J. Uplinger award to Lion Paul Krupa.  Lion Paul Krupa has served our club in many capacities. As GI Lion president two times and in other areas of NYS in upstate NY,  meals on wheels, as well as being available for all club functions.  Congratulations Lion Paul!!

13 Melvin Jones Award:  Lion Paul Bassette presented the background information on this award.  The Melvin Jones awards can be given to a Lion or a non-Lion.  This is the highest honor from Lions Club International.  This is a person who puts people and human needs first.  Lion Anne Fahning Presented the award to a Lion who has served for 24 years, encouraging members to join, earning the silver pin for membership, serving tirelessly on the Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser, Dr, Andy’s Day for Kids, donating his boat for the SK Picnic, Melvin Jones award presented to Lion Tom Rusert. 
Lion Tom Witkowski presented the Melvin Jones Award to a citizen of distinction,  She has taught Life and Careers to many students, served as President of our Library Board, Relay for Life and Historical Society, Town Supervisor, Melvin Jones awarded to Mary Cooke.  Both recipients humbly accepted the awards.

Installation of Officers and Directors for 2022-2023::   DG Jeff Jarvis installed the officers for the 2022-2023 calendar year.
President:  Lion Dick Crawford
First Vice President:  Lion Kelly McGarvey
Second Vice President:  Lion Shelia Ferrentino
Treasurer:  Lion Tom Witkowski
Corresponding Secretary:  Lion Jim Ryan
Recording Secretary:  Lion Donna Lavallee
Tail Twister and Lion Tamer:  Lion Ashley Digati and Lion Tom Digati
Director – Two Years:  Lion Tom Rusert and Lion Paul Bassette
Director One Year:  Lion Anne Fahning, Lion Henry Lobl

Congratulations new officers and directors!

GI Lions Summer Activities:
July 4th Parade: Lion Donna will register the club if there is enough interest from club members
Special Kids Picnic:  July 20, 2022

Benediction:  Lion Paul Bassette

Motion to adjourn Lion Anne, seconded by Lion Kelly -Meeting Adjourned:  8:31 PM
Respectively submitted by Lion Donna Lavallee