General Meeting Minutes for 2006

General Meeting minutes for January 11th 2006.

-There was a moment of silence for former Lion Art Ellsworth who passed away recently.
-Lion President Jerry Dubiel informed the club of a request for a CCTV reader for a Grand Island resident who has 2500/2000 eyesight. Cost is $2600 for a new reader. Lion Diane Dubiel is investigating whether any clubs have one in their loan closet, the matter will be sent to the board.
-The town of Evans Lions are holding their 60th anniversary on January 28th. Tickets are $30/person.  Lion Paul Bassette suggested we send Lion Dan Morabito and his wife to the function. Lion Morabito proposed that Lion Bassette be the alternate if he cannot go. The motion for our club to pay was passed.
-Lion Secretary Kathie Norris announced we received a donation of $1000 from Peter Gilmore in his Fathers name. John Gilmore was a former Lion in our Club.
-We also received a $25 donation from Dave and Mary McGraw for a walker they received from our club. Thank you's will be sent for both donations.
-Lion Al Ackerman gave the Treasurer's report: Balance in the Welfare account is $5,113.05.  balance in the General account is $2,469.68. Of this amount $1774.31 is earmarked for our 50th anniversary. The actual General balance is $695.37. The Adrian Pollack Scholarship Fund has a balance of 901.12 of which $100 will be transferred to the Welfare account. Lion Ackerman noted several Lions have not paid their dues and asked that they do so ASAP.
-The meeting was turned over to Lion Phil Silliman to conduct the Advisory Committee Meeting. Lion Silliman made several announcements:
- Wheatfield Lions Hands Across the Border was January 17th.
-  The Lions store at the conventions needs a club to volunteer to help run it as a fundraising event. Profit for the club would range from $1500-2000.
- Help is needed for the Convention itself along with help with teens and the orchestra.
- February 12th the West Seneca Lions will hold their annual Pancake Breakfast.
- Boston is the site of the LCI convention.
- 7# chocolate rabbits are available for fund-raising.
- Talked of various lion's publications.
-Dr. Mary Sue Bauer, executive director of Camp Badger, described activities for disabled youths and adults at the camp. Volunteers are needed to refurbish three cabins at the camp. The web site fir camp badger is www.lionscb.org.
-Lion Silliman brought item to raffle for our club. $33 was raised and Lion President Dubiel made a motion to give 50% to Camp Badger. The motion passed.
-Split club of $10 was won by Lion Dick Planavsky who was not present.
-Various reports were given from the clubs in our region. Highlights include:
- A membership drive is being organized for the Niagara Falls Club.
- Amherst will hold their Pancake Breakfast on March 25th.
- A campus Lions Club is being organized for NCCC.
- There will be a Quilt Fest at the Amherst Museum April 28-30th.
- Food pantries in our area need restocking because of the recent natural disasters.
- Cabinet Meeting is March 19th.
- Next ACM April 3rd.
- Lion Dick Crawford told the club that Kids day this year is scheduled for April 25th. The Knights of Columbus is looking for volunteers for this event.
- Meeting adjourned at 8:56PM.

- Respectfully submitted, Lion Dave Chervinsky

General Meeting Minutes for January 25, 2006

-Lion Jeff Stribing spoke to our club about the Vision Beyond Sight Foundation and showed a video about the Ira Ross Eye Institute. So far the Lions Foundation has raised over $170,000 for the Lions Diagnostic Center, which will be located in the Ross Institute.
-The split club was won by Lion Ross Kaiser who was not Present. $19 will go back into the pot.
-Lion Al Ackerman gave the treasurers report: The Balance in the Welfare account is $5,713.05. Balance in the General Account is $2,507.24 of which $1,841.31 is earmarked for our 50th Anniversary. The balance in the Adrian Pollack Scholarship Fund is $801.12. -Seven Members still have not paid their dues. There was discussion as to whether they should be dropped from the club as per a previous resolution.
-Correspondence: None.
-Old business: None.
-Committee reports:
-Lion Fred Ruocco gave a rundown of the Valentines Party plans.
-Lion Dan Morabito reported on the 50th Anniversary plans: It will be held at the Buffalo Launch Club on October 14th 2006. Cost will be $35 per person. There will be a live band and guest speakers. Next planning meeting is scheduled at Lion Anne Fahnning's house on January 31st, 7PM.
New Business:
-Lion Morabito noted that we need the tail twister money for the 50th Anniversary and the money collected shouldn't be used for welfare purposes.
-Lion Tom Witkowski reported on the MERL initiative in Niagara Falls to increase membership and perform MTA screening. Lion Witkowski proposed our club do an MTA screening on Grand Island.
-Meeting adjourned at 9:02PM.

Respectfully submitted,   Lion Dave Chervinsky

Gr. Island Lions Club Meeting February 22, 2006
Guests: Dist Gov Lion Bob Shivley, his lovely wife Lioness Joan, & Regional chair Lion Phil Siliman.
Spaghetti Dinner April 3rd.  Tickets for dinner were passed out at meeting. Secy. Lion Kathie Norris will mail other members not in attendance their tickets.  If you don’t receive yours, contact Lion Dick Crawford.  If you want more call Dick.
The slate for the nominees for new officers and board members was distributed and read by Lion V.P. Diane Dubiel.  Nominations were requested from the floor.  If any member wishes to nominate another member, please contact Lion Diane ASAP. (See slate following)
The vote will take place at our next meeting March 8th.  We will be hosting the Merritton Club @ the Knight of Columbus.  
Lion V.P. Norm Hahn told club about the UNITYS proposal to ask clubs w/shares (we have 5) to donate back ½ of our yearly distribution back for the next 4 years for the new Blind Ctr.  Most clubs said no because they rely on these funds for their normal operating expenditures. 
Lion Phil Siliman introduced our speaker for the evening Dist Gov. Lion Bob Shivley.
Our district governor comes from the Town of Niagara Club, and is a Robert Uplinger recipient.  He implemented the use of the MTI camera for school use. This camera has detected many children throughout the years that have needed glasses or may have the ‘lazy eye’.  He spoke about retention and getting new members for clubs in our district that have declining membership (including our own).
Our district is looking for a trustee---if anyone is interested contact D.G. Shivley.  He reminded us to attend the NYS convention held this yr in Buffalo May 5,6,7 @ Adams Mark Hotel. Volunteers are still needed.  Also the next Leadership Mtg. will again be in Springville at the Chautauqua Institute on Sun. Aug. 27th. 
Our international motto this for 2005-06 is Passion to Excel.  Passion to Serve—Grow—Lead—Promote—Person. 
Do to time restraints no secy. or treasurer’s report was given, although welfare account bal. $4,668.  Gen acct. bal. $1,206.57 of which $1,888.61 is earmarked for our 50th anniversary (Actual gen. acct. bal is $-682.04). We still have 8 members that haven’t paid their dues.  Adrian Pollack Scholarship fund bal. $801.12.
Spit club was won by Anne Fahning of $24.00. Meeting adjourned. Board mtg following.

Respectfully submitted,
Lion Kathie Norris, Corresponding Secretary

General Meeting Minutes of March 3rd, 2006
Meeting called to order by Lion President Jerry Dubiel.
1. 4/6/06 dinner sponsored by Niagara Frontier Radio Reading
Service-he has tickets for anyone interested.
2. District 20N Convention May 5-7,2006 at Adams Mark Hotel:
We can send up to 6 delegates; volunteers requested. Pre-registration of $25 due by 3/31/06. Registration at door is $35. Lion Jerry encouraged members to attend, in support of the convention and to represent our Club.
Secretary's and Treasurer's reports deferred to next meeting.
Spaghetti Dinner Report:  Lion Dick Crawford gave an overview, including flyers will be at Tops within a few weeks, and Internet promotion is being pursued. Dinner will be Monday, April 3,2006 at Grand Island Holiday Inn.
Finance Committee:
Lion Dick Crawford reported our club is financially sound. Requests should be given to the President or Board of Directors, for advance consideration by the Finance Committee in this year's budget.
Kids' Picnic: Lion Tom Schultz will provide further information after the Spaghetti Dinner is concluded. He thanked the Merritton Lions for their continued support of this endeavor. 50th Anniversary: Lion Dan Morabito reported dinner will be held Saturday 10/14/06 at Buffalo Launch Club. He'll send invitations soon and welcomes the Merrittons and their wives. Menu includes a choice of steak, salmon, crab-stuffed filet of sole, or chicken asiago, with a special chocolate dessert. Tickets are $35 per person.
Lion Tom Witkowski announced a new initiative: MTI Photoscreening for
Island school children. He will host a committee meeting at his home.
Lion Tom also reported that Journey For Sight would be held Saturday,
May 13,2006 at Goat Island. Note that it is scheduled one week later than
usual, due to a conflict with our District 20N Convention being held
May 5-7th. More news to follow.
Merritton Lions expressed their sincere appreciation to District 20N
for their collaborative efforts with Canadian District A2 on this worthwhile
Officer Nominations for 2006-2007: Lion Diane Dubiel read the proposed
slate of officers. Since there were no other nominations from the
floor, Lion Larry Furnia moved, and Lion Paul Bassette seconded, that the
acting secretary cast one vote to accept the slate as proposed. It was
accepted by the membership present.
Merritton Lions donated a vest, loaded with American pins, to our club. Proceeds from its raffle will go to our Treasury. Raffle details to be decided.
Merritton Lobster fest: Lion Mario advised it would be held Saturday, May
27,2006. Tickets are limited, and must be pre-paid. About 40 tickets
are left, out of a total of 300-350 being sold. Lion Diane Dubiel offered
to coordinate attendance of our club at this event.
Lion Larry Furnia moved, and Lion Paul Bassette seconded, that the
meeting be adjourned.

Lion Diane Dubiel

General Meeting Minutes for March 22nd, 2006.
-Our Guest speaker was Dorothy Roswell who spoke to us on ZONTA, a service organization dedicated to helping women and children. ZONTA International was founded in Buffalo NY in 1920 by Marion De Forest. The Grand Island ZONTA was formed in 1958.
-As per Lion President Jerry Dubiel's training initiative, Lion Vice-president Shelia Ferrentino ran the meeting.
-Lion Dick Crawford along with Lion Tail Twister Tom Schultz sold raffle tickets for the Merritton donated vest in lieu of the regular pot. This will continue for the rest of our meeting this year before a drawing takes place.
-Secretaries Report: Lion Kathie Norris announced that the Town of Niagara Lions would have a Homecoming Diner for Lion DG Robert Shively at Antonio's restaurant on April 19th, 2006.
-An item on the District Convention that will come before the floor will allow the Council of Governors to choose the future convention sites. This requires a change in the constitution. The present method allows the general membership to decide but is considered too cumbersome to negotiate the best possible site.
-Solicitation letters were received from the League of Sightless Bowlers, Carly's Club, Opportunities Unlimited, and Visions Vacation Camp for the Blind.
-Treasurers Report. Lion Al Ackerman reported the balance in the Welfare account = $4568.77. General Account = $1399.44, of this $1888.61 is earmarked for the 50th Anniversary leaving us with a negative balance of $489.17. Adrian Pollack Scholarship Fund = $801.12. Five members have not paid their dues.
Lion Paul Bassette reminded the Club that a resolution has been passed that any member who does not pay his/her dues by December 31st would be dropped from the Club. Lion Dick Crawford stated it is the role of the sponsor to contact delinquent Lions. It was agreed one more effort would be made with Lions Crawford, Dubiel and Patterson agreeing to contact these Lions.
- Lion Ferrentino announced we are in need of another Phone Committee Member.
-Lion Diane Dubiel won $10 in the Split Club and donated it back to the Clubs 50th Anniversary.
-Committee Reports:
-Lion Crawford reported signs going up this week for Spaghetti dinner.
-Lion Fahning reported baskets coming in. See her if you wish to donate.
-Lion Morabito reported 50th anniversary dinner is Oct. 14th. Guest speakers include Past International Director Lion John Rabideau and Lion Joe Czora, Past President and Charter Member of the Grand Island Lions. 
-Lion Bassette urged Lions to bring Lions pictures and other memorabilia to the next meeting for use at the Anniversary Dinner.
-Lion D. Dubiel reported three Lions, so far, would attend the District Convention. They are Hahn, Dubiel D, and Dubiel J. Fees have been paid by the Club for delegates in the past. Lion Fahning suggested we pay the Convention fee for Melvin Jones recipients wanting to attend the Melvin Jones Luncheon at the Convention. Fee issue will go to the Board.
-Lion J Dubiel: He and Lion D. Dubiel will attend the A2 Convention on April 2nd. Anyone wishing to attend should see Lion Dubiel.
-Kenmore Lions Installation dinner will be April 28th at Warrens Restaurant. Cost is $25.
-Lion J. Dubiel can get Lions golf shirts. $19.69 each plus $5 for monogram. He needs minimum of 12 for an order. See Lion Dubiel if interested.
- Meeting adjourned at 8:55PM.

Respectfully submitted,  Lion Dave Chervinsky

General Meeting Minutes for April 26th, 2006.
-Our Guest speaker was Fran Fusco who is the Historian for the Grand Island Garden Club. Also attending was her Husband Joe and The Garden Club President Pat Asorissi. The club is 56 years old and was federated in 1954 with over 10,000 members. The local has 29 members and was originally founded by 11 women from the East Park area. Fran reported there was a Crabapple tree-planting project approved by the Town some time ago. Lion Dick Crawford volunteered to look into the town records and see if this is still on the books. He suggested that the Lions might be interested in helping with the project.
-Secretaries Report:
Lion Norris read correspondence including requests for donations from Camp Badger, Canine project for Independence, Opportunities Unlimited and SABA. All were sent to the Budget Committee.
Also a thank you was received from Young life and a $25 gift card was received from Eckerd Drug Store.
-Lion President Dubiel read further correspondence:
Raffle tickets from the Depew lions and Sight First asked for a contribution. Both were sent to the Budget Committee.
-Lions Culture and Community Activities committee needs a chair.
-Journey for Sight Walkathon is May 13th from 9-12 noon. It will be held at Goat Island with pre-registration of $15 or $25 on site.
-20N requested we submit a name for outstanding youth in the community. This was postmarked 4/23/06 and they requested a response by May 10th. Lion Crawford recommended we track this for next year, as we do not have enough time to make nominations.
-We received a check for $1015.23 from the Blind and Charity Fund. This is our share from the Fund. Lion Bassette commented that the request to use one half of our shares for the UNYTS Eye Lab naming rights was voted down. Instead the naming rights will be funded from the dividends of the Blind and Charity Fund investments.
-Committee Reports:
-Lion Crawford reported that the Spaghetti Dinner brought in $4732.25, which is almost as much as we made from last years event. Lion Bassette suggested we coordinate it better with other community events, in particular St. Stephens Scouts Spaghetti Dinner, which was held the day before. Lion Crawford reported traditionally our event is held two weeks before Easter on a Monday but would look into a better coordination. Lion McCarthy suggested we honor the chef at the Holiday Inn for the great job he did. Also we need small trays for the event next year and one water jug was missing.
-Lion D. Dubiel described a fund raising event we could do with Pizza Hut. We would do the advertising and Pizza Hut would give us 20% of the take for a given night. Lion Bassette suggested we tie it to a specific project (e.g. MTI Photo Screening).
-Our delegates to the 20N Convention are Lions Casey, Dubiel J, Dubiel D, Wixson, Bassette, McCarthy, and alternate Hahn.
New Business:
-Lion Tom Schultz sent in a letter of resignation. 
Open positions include Tail Twister, phone tree and Picnic chairman. Lion Bassette nominated Lion Ruocco for Tail Twister, which creates an opening at Lion Tamer. Lion J. Dubiel nominated Lion Bassttte for Lion Tamer. Both were seconded and past. Lion Bassette accepted and will call Lion Ruocco for his acceptance. Both will be voted on at the second meeting of May.
-Lion Doring and DiCarlo volunteered to be picnic co chairs with Lion Steinagel who will step into the job the following year. Lion Steinagel also will join the phone tree.
-Vests: Lion Bassette reported the setup fee for new Lions Vests would be $40 with a cost of $30 per vest if less that five ordered. Five or more ordered would be $18 apiece. Monogrammed name is $4 extra.
-Lion Jim Crump won $9 in the Split Club but was not present.
-Meeting adjourned at 9:30PM.

Respectfully submitted, Lion Dave Chervinsky

General Meeting Minutes for May 10th, 2006.
Our guests at the meeting included Drew Dulak and his Wife Brandy. Dulak is an art teacher at GIHS and set up the peace poster display at the GI Library. Also present were Peace poster winners Marshal Cancilla (1st) and Isaiah Brown (2nd) and their families. Lion Mike Cancilla, Marshall's Father is a member of our Club. Lions Paul Bassette and Marlaine Kanecki presented Marshall and Isaiah with their awards. Marshall's peace poster placed 1st in the district and 3rd in state competition.
-Our Guest speakers were John Moore and Dave Lumberg. Lumberg is the owner/operator of Tim Horton's on Grand Island and described the Tim Horton's Children's Foundation http://www.timhortons.com/en/childrens/index.html
  and what he is doing locally to raise funds for disadvantaged kids to attend the Children's Foundation Camp. On June 7th Lumberg reported that all proceeds from coffee sales at Tim Horton's would go to the Camp. In addition there will be a concert at the Holliday Inn on June 3rd and all proceeds from this will go to the Camp. Moore is a Musician whose group, Bluesroots, http://www.bluesroot.net/index.html will perform at the concert. Tickets can be obtained from Lion Dick Crawford.  

-Secretaries Report: Lion Kathie Norris reported St Mary's School for the Deaf is having a fundraiser on June 3rd at a cost of $40.
-Thank you's have been received from Camp Abilities, NY State and Bermuda Foundation Super Raffle and the North towns Boys and Girls Club.
-Lion Lou Macro sent a check from the Kaegabein Dress Down Friday fundraiser. They designated Our Lions as the Charity of the month and raised $215.
-Dues bills will be mailed out this month.

-Lion President Dubiel read further correspondence: -Lion President Jerry Dubiel reported that there is a fundraiser by the Orchard Park Lions on June 7th and the cost is $25/ person.
-Dubiel read a letter of resignation from Lion Jeff Cook.
-It was reported that Lion Jim Ryan has found a club in the Virginia area and has transferred out of our club.

-Committee Reports: Lion Floyd Doring reported that the first meeting for the Special Kids Picnic would be on June 7th at his Son's Café 6PM. Doring asked the Phone Committee to call members about this.
-Lion Dick Planavsky reported the Installation Dinner would be June 14th at the BLC.
-Journey for Sight Walkathon is May 13th on Goat Island.

Treasurers Report: See elsewhere.

Nominations for open Positions: Lions Fred Roucco and Paul Bassette were previously nominated for Tail Twister and Lion Tamer respectively. No new nominations were made and nominations were closed. Elections will be held on May 24th.

New Business:
-Lion Bob Piatek name was drawn in the split club but he was not present. The $19 goes back in the kitty for the next drawing.
-Meeting adjourned at 9:30PM.

Respectfully submitted, Lion Dave Chervinsky

General Meeting Minutes May 24th, 2006 
Short meeting due to small attendance---Sabres game & American Idol finals.
Attention: All Gr. Island Lions----Special Kid’s Picnic meeting will be held Wed. June 7th, 6:00 at the Java Shop. Gr Island Blvd, plaza across from Town Hall.
Split Club, 1st name called was Pat Wiles, not present, so another name was pulled because not only was there $25.50 in the split club but also a $25 gift card from Eckhard that we had received for the spaghetti dinner but received in the mail too late. Al Ackerman’s name was then pulled so he won both prizes!
Scholarship Committee – Lion Paul Bassette reported that we had 4- $500 winners 3 from Grand Island High & 1 from Holy Angels.
Kids Picnic mentioned that some of the boaters were having problems w/some of the kids (especially Downs Syndrome or with emotional problems) need to have chaperones on the boat with them at all times.  Shouldn’t be up to Lions or volunteers.  This will be discussed further at the meeting for the Special Kids Picnic on June 7th. 
Old Business-
Due to the resignation of Lion Tom Schultz a special election was held for Tail Twister & Lion Tamer.  Nominees for Tail Twister & Lion Tamer for 2006-2007 were voted in by Secy. Lion Kathie Norris.
Tail Twister will be Lion Fred Ruocco. Lion Tamer will be Lion Paul Bassette. 
New Business-
June 14th Installation Dinner, Lion Dick Planavsky will be in charge, not present so Lion Paul Bassette will contact him in regards to the widows to be invited. 
Lion Secretary Kathie Norris, had a few Thank You’s from various donations.  The members present were given their invoice for 2006-2007 dues, since it was agreed that they needed to go out in May so some members could have the opportunity to pay dues before the summer break.  The rest will be mailed.
Treasurer Al Ackerman reported Welfare Account Balance $7,961.90.  Bal. Gen. Fund $1,806.99.  Of this amount $1,445.61 is earmarked for our 50th Anniversary.  $595 has been spent for the new club pins.  Still have 2 members that didn’t pay 05-06 dues.
The annual $500 donation to the GI Memorial Library for large print books was presented today (see photo in May 30th Pennysaver). We have now donated for 15 years for a total of about $7,500.00.
Motion to adjourn @ 8:15. 

 Respectfully submitted, Lion Secy. Kathie Norris.

General Meeting Minutes for September 13th 2006.

-Split Club of $12, won by Tim Mordaunt, who was not present.
-Lion President Hahn brought in a new American flag donated to us from the Masons as a thank you for inviting them to the Kids Picnic.
-Lion Hahn passed around several thank you cards from various groups for being invited to the kids Picnic. He also passed the blue ribbon we received for the sixth place finish in the Independence Day Parade.
-There was no program speaker tonight. Lion Hahn will try to get Canine Helpers for our next meeting and asked for a volunteer for program chairman. In Lieu of a chairman Lion Hahn needs suggestions from the Club for program speakers.
Lion Witkowski will try to get Angel Flight for the first meeting in October and Lion Furnia will present Plaques to the boat captains on the second meeting in October.
-Lion Planavsky reported we took in $1737.69 from the White Cane Drive. This is down from last year because of lack of volunteers (six less than last year). This is due to declining membership and lack of participation. Remedies were discussed including double shifts and having family members and friends help out.
-The Club discussed new fundraisers including Pizza Hut (Lion Dubiel) Bon Ton coupons (Lion Bois-Lobl) selling nuts (Lion Steinagle) and various other possibilities. Lions mentioned will report back at the next meeting. Lion Steinagle urged members to look at the vendors in the LCI magazine.
-Lion Bassette suggested we start planning for the Christmas Party now. Lion Doring will follow up with this.
-Lion McCarthy suggested that reading the budget/treasurers report at the general meeting was not appropriate with guests and speakers present.
-Lion Witkowski reminded the Lions that there will be a fundraiser Sunday for the Shelagh Korman Benefit and invited all to come.
-Also the MTI screening committee will meet soon.
-Lion Bassette urged all members to see the Peace poster display at the Library.
-Meeting was adjourned at 9:10PM.

Respectfully submitted,   Lion Dave Chervinsky

General Meeting Minutes for September 27th 2006

-Guest speaker was Beverly      The      of Canine Helpers. She described the mission of training service dogs for the disadvantaged. Dogs are trained for guide, service, seizure alert and multi-service. Cost for typical training of one dog is ~$13,000. 20N and local lions clubs provide good financial assistance for the program.
-Budget committee will discus our donation to Canine Helpers.
-Lion Crawford invited Beverly to bring dogs to the Spaghetti dinner to demonstrate their ability and for fundraiser support.
-The split Club of $45 was won by Lion Earl Deglopper who was not present.
-Secretary’s report: A number of thank yous for the Kids Picnic were passed around the room.
-Lion President Hahn has raffle tickets for the Depew lion’s 40th Anniversary sportsman raffle. Tickets are $5 or 3/$10.
-Fundraisers were discussed. Lion D. Dubiel gave details of the Pizza Hut event. We will get 20% of the proceeds for this event. Mid winter target is planned and a committee is being formed.
-Lion Steinagel will get more info on Bon-Ton fundraiser but cautioned that there is an upfront charge to deal with.
-Lion Witkowski described the Angel Flight program that will be presented at the next meeting.
-Mary Sue Bower will also speak to the club and would like support for the Vice District Governor nomination.
-Sight First II program was described by Lion Witkowski. Lion J. Dubiel is the Chairman this year. On April 21st 2006 a Walk for Sight will take place. There will be a meeting for this on October 4th 7PM at Lion Witkowski’s house.
-Lion Witkowski announced an MTI Photo screen meeting would take place on October 18th 7PM at his house. 
-There will also be eyeglass collection on Halloween and more information is forthcoming.
-The Meeting was adjourned at 9:10PM.

Respectfully submitted, Lion Dave Chervinsky

General Meeting Minutes for October 11th 2006

-Guests include Donna LoValley, who is joining our club and guest speaker Joe De Marco from Angel Flight: http://www.angelflightne.org/
-Will Wiles who was not present won Split club of $53.
-Evans Lions Pancake breakfast will be Nov 19th. Cost is $6.
-Niagara Frontier Radio Reading Service sent raffle tickets- to Budget Committee.
-Orchard Park Lions Spaghetti dinner will be Oct 29th $7. 
-Lion Ruocco will arrange to send walker from our loan closet to Canine Helpers. Lion Crawford will send the excess walkers to an organization in Haiti.
-Lion Witkowski announced that all proceeds from the metal recycling program would go to Angel Flight.
-Lion Secretary Norris discussed the upcoming Community Days fundraiser. It is scheduled for November 11th in association with BonTon. Lions will “sell” coupons for the store at a Price of $5 and it can be redeemed at the store for $10 in merchandise. The $5 is profit for the organization. A motion was made and passed to participate in this fundraiser. A discussion to sell tickets at the Anniversary dinner was rejected.
-Lion Ferrentino reported that Lion Henry Lobl is scheduled for Open Heart Surgery.
--Lion Crawford encouraged lions to go to the Libraries 60th anniversary celebration on Oct 29th.
-Lion Bassette asked for volunteers for UNYTS envelope stuffing on Oct 21st. Volunteers were Lions Hahn, Wixson, Bassette, Dubiel J, and Dubiel D.
-Peace Poster judging will be Oct 23rd. Judges are Lions Dubiel D, Chervinsky, Kaniecki, and Bassette.
-Lion Witkowski announced that sight night will be Oct 31st for the collection of glasses and hearing aids.
-Oct 18th the MCI Photo screening committee will meet at Lon Witkowski’s house
-The quest speaker for our Nov 8th meeting will be Lion Witkowski, who will talk about Sight Night II. The “Walk For Sight” will be on April 21st on the Amherst Bike Path.
A Dinner is also being planned to support a clinic for Dr. Robert Stahl.
-The District 20N Newsletter can be viewed online at: http://district20nlions.org/
-Old Business:
Lions Bassette and Crawford announced that the lettering for the Library display would be done before the 60th anniversary celebration.
-Lion Bassette is heading a committee for selecting candidates for the Uplinger and Melvin Jones Awards.
-New Business:
Lion Hahn reported on the following:
-20N Region 2 Meeting:
-Mary Sue Bower needs online reports from individual clubs.
-Lions Labor exchange Clubs can get help from other clubs for special events. There is  a method in place to get credit for work done and receive awards and/or pins for volunteering.
-The Homewood theater production of “Autum Leaves” held October 12th, 19th and 21st at the Ascenion Lutheran Church needs crew people to helpfrom 9-10PM. 
Cabinet Meeting:
 -Eye glass drop off for 20N is at Grand Island Boulevard and 2Mile Creek Road.
 -Club revival analysis form needs to be filled out during the course of the year.
 -First sight II Chair for our club will be Lion Tom Witkowski.
-John Bruno of the Rotary needs Bell Ringers at various Tops Markets for their fundraiser. Two hour shifts from 9AM to 9PM need to be filled. More Info will follow.
-Plaques will be awarded to the boat captains at the next meeting.
-Adjourned at 9:15PM.

Respectfully submitted,   Lion Dave Chervinsky

General Meeting Minutes for October 25th 2006

-Bruce Kaiser, who was not present, won the Split Club, of $63.
-Lion Doring reported on the Christmas Party. Cost would be $25/ person, which would include a Buffet dinner, entertainment and favors. Location will be the BLC on December 13th.
-Lion Norris reported that Families with more than one Lion member will get a discount of 1/2 off dues for the second member from LCI beginning January 2008.
-The program included presentation of plaques to the Boat Captains that helped out at the Kids Picnic. Those recognized included Lion Tom Rusert from our Club and Lion Anne Fahning and her Husband Bob.
Lion Ferrentino reported that Lion Henry Lobl recently had successful heart surgery and was recuperating at home. Also Lion Tom Witkowski was recently hospitalized for an upper GI problem.
-Lion President Hahn read a letter from Lion Kowalik of the Oxford lions in Washington NJ. Lion Kowalick has two forms of Leukemia and sent us a $5 check for pins. He asked if we would send us Lions pins. As a collector, he would appreciate any pins we would send especially lighthouses. He would pay for additional pins. The club agreed to send some pins free of charge and will return his check along with pins of our 50th and some lighthouses.
-The Barker lions sent a request for a donation of $40 to their Whindham Lawn project. This was deferred to the board.
Lion Hahn has received tickets for the Newfane Lions Mark Twain evening.
-Lancaster Lions will hold a breakfast on October 29th. Tickets are $6.
-Lion Bassette reminded the Club that the Blind and Charity Foundations collects money for Club projects and some of the money collected comes back to individual clubs. He requested all lines to consider a donation to the mailings that recently went out. He also said that we could earmark the Blind and Charity Fund through the United Way.
-Lion Hahn reported that the Blind and Charity Fund ahs sent out $10,000 for storm relief to the Buffalo area.
-Lion Crawford reported that the Library 60th anniversary celebration was a success and that the Peace Poster exhibit at the Library was almost completed.
-Lion Fahning reported that we would have the same number of people coming to the 50th Anniversary Celebration that is rescheduled for November 4th.
Lion Dubiel reported that the Dispatch would run an article about our 50th Celebration.
-Lion Norris will get the Bon-Ton Coupons for our upcoming fundraiser and distribute them to club members.
-A zone meeting was announced for November 9th at 7PM Lion Hahn will try to recruit Lions to attend.
-Lion Doring requested tickets for Hands across the Border. Lion Hahn will check into this.
Meeting adjourned at 8:55PM.

Respectfully submitted, Lion Dave Chervinsky

General Meeting Minutes for November 8th 2006.

-Lion president Hahn reported that the Buffalo Host Lions would celebrate their 85th Anniversary on January 12th at the Adams Mark Hotel. Tickets are $50/person. Lion Bassette made a motion for our club to pay for Lion Hahn and his Wife to attend. The motion passed.
-Lion Joe Biondo of the Pendleton Lions Club was present as Chairman of Region 2 zone 1. We are a part of zone 1 along with the Tonawanda, Wheatfield and Pendleton Clubs.
-New member Donna LaVallee was inducted into our Club. Lion Paul Bassette is her sponsor and Lion Pat Paterson performed the ceremony.
-The 50/50 split was won by Tom Rusert, who was present. Lion Tom's share was $82.
-Our Speaker was Lion Tom Witkowski who spoke about Sight First II. 12people lose their sight every minute. The International campaign hopes to raise between 150 and 200 million dollars to help treat and prevent blindness throughout the world. Lion Witkowski is forming a committee to help with fundraising for this cause. Since 1990, 24 million people have been helped by the Lions Sight First program. 
-Lion Witkowski announced that our "Sight Night" campaign brought in 1100 eyeglasses and over 100 hearing aids.
-Lion Hahn announced that Lion Bob Flynn of the Merritton Lions presented us with a check for $50 at our Anniversary Dinner.
-Orchard Park Lions donated their $75 payment for the Anniversary Dinner to our Club. They were scheduled to attend before the storm but couldn't make the make-up date.
-Lion Secretary Norris reported that she has raffle tickets for the Multiple District Youth Band for $5 each. The MDL Youth band is also accepting sponsorships for the band of qualifying high school students at a cost of $225. The club would also be responsible for transportation to Saratoga Springs where the event is being held. This was sent to the Board of directors.
-Lion Norris passed out coupons for the Bon-Ton fundraiser.
-Lion Dubiel D, and Steinagel described the Pizza Hut Fund Raiser and will set a date some time in January.
Lion Hahn announced a board meeting on November 29th at the K of C (7PM).
-The meeting adjourned at 9:08PM.

Respectfully submitted, Lion Dave Chervinsky