General Meeting Minutes for 2005

General Meeting Minutes for January 12th 2005
-Meeting at the Knights of Columbus Hall with the Merritton's Club.
-Guests introduced: Rich McDonald formerly from Shippensburg PA and Jim Crump of Tonawanda are prospective new members.
-The hat was passed to raise money for Tsunami victims. $525 was raised and will be added to the $200 that was previously approved. Monies will be channeled through LCI.
-Treasurer's report: Lion Al Ackerman reported $2362.60 in the General Account and $5269.27 in the Welfare Account.
-Lion Dick Crawford announced the Lions/Rotary Golf tournament would probably be moved to Beaver Island this year in order to go over our goal of $2500. Lion Al reported we made $2494.50 last year.
-Secretaries Report: Lion Kathie Norris reported there would be Region 1 Fellowship dinner on Feb 8th hosted by the Ransomville Lions.
-Merritton's Family Bowling set for Sunday March 20th.
-Merritton's Lobster Fest is March 28th at $65 Canadian per person. -District 20N PDG Leadership Achievement Award nominations needed by the end of the month.
-Spaghetti Dinner has is rescheduled for Monday April 11th.
-Our 50th Anniversary is next year; Committee Chairman Lion Dan Morabitto needs volunteers to help organize this.
-Lion Burt Wixon reported the Hands Across the Border would be January 18th.
-There was a moment of silence for the Lions we lost last year. Merritton's Dunc Schooley and our Jack Fries were fondly remembered.
-It was noted that we would visit Merritton for our February 23rd Meeting.
-A motion was made and passed to adjourn at 9PM.

Respectfully submitted, Lion Dave Chervinsky

General Meeting Minutes for January 26th 2005

-Lion President Dick Planavsky introduced Lions District Governor Judy Neuman, Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer Karen Barnas and Regional Chair Phil Silliman.
-Lion Bob Goulding from the Riverside Lions was also introduced along with prospective new members Jim Crump and Marsha Pfohl.
-Lions Phil and Bob spoke of the pull-tab/aluminum recycling program and DG Judy gave an inspiring presentation on Lionism.
-The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,  Lion Dave Chervinsky

Minutes Meeting 2/23/05 Buffalo Launch Club
Opened meeting 7:05 Song: Anne Fahning, Prayer: Burt Wixson, Tail Twister: Fred Ruocco (absence of Ross Kaiser)
Induction Ceremony of new Grand Island Lions Club member: Jim Crump, sponored by Dick Plavnasky. Dick Crawford led the ceremony.
Split club was won by Lion Henry Lobl.
Lion Tom Witkowski spoke to us about donating hearing aids plus told us about a program for children that are in the hospital & in crisis, that could use a buddy bear called the Spanozabear (came out of St. Paul MN). There are 3,00 bears soon to be available. Tom is approaching several local clubs to see if they would sponsor 20 bears a yr for this program. He is asking our club to possibly be an ambassadorship for (4) bears @ $75.00 ea. They are normally $118 ea. & w/nine tapes, (they would have to also purchase a rechargeable battery from Radio Shack). This will be forwarded to finance committee.
Our guest speaker was Chief Rod Rahm with the Border Patrol. He said that there are 18,00 officers in the US, 500 currently in Buffalo area. A Nexus card can be purchased for $50—after going thru a prescreening process. The card is good for 5 years. The Whirlpool bridge uses this card, but can be used at the other
bridges. 6,500 cards have been processed so far. All persons in car must have their own card to go thru the Nexus booth.   You can find out information about Nexus & the Duty Free Stores by visiting website:
Nomination from the floor for director position vacated by Shelia was for John McNeil for Director. There were nominations.
Annette Lobl said that she is putting together a storyboard to have available for people to look at the Spaghetti Dinner to let the community know what Lionism is all about & Grand Island Club.
Dan Morabito said that plans are in the making for our 50th Aniversary next year. Our club received our charter in December of 1956. Meeting adjorned before 9:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Lion Kathie Norris, Corresponding Secretary

Minutes Meeting 3/9/05 Gr. Island Lions Club, Holiday Inn         
3 guest speakers
Guest Speakers: Carol Grandolph RN & Lisa Ness, Education Coordinator From Asthma Coalition with the American Lung Assn.
Both spoke to us about effects asthma has on many Western New Yorkers, 3 club members present at meeting have asthma. They try to educate parents & adult asthma sufferers how to live with asthma and find ways to prevent an attack & not miss as much work because of it.
Our other guests: Eagle Scout Dan DePetrocellis & his older brother showed us his project that our club financed for the steps (made 5 sets) to be used for pony rides, & boats for Special Kids Picnic. Brought one along to show us, it can be easily dissembled for easy storage. He had a scrapbook & specs for his entire project that he shared with members. He did all this with help of several fellow boy scouts & came under budget! We thanked Dan for a fine job!
Welfare Acct $4,374
General Acct. $1,125 Adrian Pollack Scholarship Fund $898.77
Nominating committee has recommended for next years slate: Lions Gerry Dubiel for President; Norm Hahn, 1st V.P.; Shelia Ferrentino, 2nd V.P.; Diane Dubiel, 3rd V.P.; Treasurer, Al Ackerman; Cor. Secy, Kathie Norris; Rec. Secy., Dave Chervinsky; Tail Twister, Tom Schultz; Lion Tamer, Mike Steinagel; Membership Chair, Floyd Doring. Directors: Tom Rusert & Ross Kaiser, John McNeil & Henry Lobl. Nominations from the floor will be taken, next meeting.
Paul Basette requested that 2 Kids Peace Poster Contest kits be ordered asap. Motion to purchased carried. Meeting adjorned before 9:00 p.m. Board meeting to follow.

Lion Kathie Norris, Corresponding Secretary

Minutes 3/23/05 Regular Mtg. Grand Island Lions Club-Buffalo Launch Club
Welcomed 2 guests: John Harbison, Rotary Club; Journey’s End, Trip to Haiti Joan Naehbtrieb, Gasport Lions; 20-N Diabetes Chair
Lion Joan spoke first gave us some ideas for the Health Fair that we are proposing to have possibly in the fall. Should invite (call) area foundations of hospitals, Gr. Island Fire Co., Ambulance services, Staff Builders, Anne Statlemeyer can get free glucometers for someone who might not be able to afford one. She would try to be available for our fair.
John Harbison, went on a medical missionary in Feb. sponsored by Whitehaven Baptist Church. Haiti is located on western side of island, Dominican Republic on east side, is the poorest country in the world, avg. annual income is $200, founded by Christopher Columbus. 1-4 children die before age 5, usually of malnutrition, families must for child to go to school, therefore usually only 1 child per family would attend. Lifespan is 49 and going down, many die from Aids. 300,000 people have died of Aids, don’t believe in birth control because 90% are of Catholic/Buddha combo religion. Natives don’t believe that they have a disease, but a hex was put on them. 12 people went, all from medical field to town of Cia, Haiti, 1 million people; they gave folks eye exams & gave them glasses that our club donated for this trip. John is asking our club to donate $500-$600 challenged by Rotary, to help defray the cost for a blind woman to come to US this Spring to have eye surgery to repair damage to eye so that she can see again. This will be taken into consideration at next board meeting.
We received a check for $900 from the Lions Eye Bank.
We received a letter from Marcia Pfohl, stating that she was withdrawing her name to become a member of our club.
Spaghetti Dinner April 11th, tickets mailed to members not present last 2 meetings. Dick Crawford asked for 2 members to help with placement ads.
Chinese Auction, baskets are starting to come in, committee is presently collecting them.
Next meeting, April 13th, will be hosted by Merriton Lions Club, so members wishing to attend will meet at Blockbuster around 5:30. We will have a business meeting there.
We wish to send our condolences to Lion Dave Chervinsky on the passing of his father. Lion Shelia is recuperating from back surgery this week & will be home by Easter weekend. Annette Lobl is recuperating at home from having heart surgery earlier this month.
The Nominations for next years’ board were read again, (see last mtg. minutes for list). Joining the Membership committee will be Lions Larry Furnia & Annette Lobl.
Regretfully our Immediate Past President Mark Bullock will be resigning, due to family obligations. We will be needing someone to take care of the Installation Dinner in June.
Four members have yet to pay their dues, notices have been mailed, $70.00 dues must be paid asap

Respectfully submitted,  Lion Kathie Norris, Secretary

General Meeting Minutes 04/13/05
The meeting was held in Merritton ON.
Guest Speaker was Dave McMahon of McMahon's Dog Training Academy. He gave a demonstration of training techniques with a Belgian Malinois and a German Shepherd.
Lion Tom Witkowski reminded our Lions of the Journey For Sight which is scheduled for May 7th.
Lion President Dick Planavsky conducted the election of Officers for the coming year. Lions voted unanimously for the list of Officers as Presented.
Merritton's Lobster Fest was announced as being on May 28th.
Our Club's Banner and Kids Picnic sign were exchanged for the Merritton's collection bucket and a small ransom.
The Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM

Respectfully Submitted, Lion Dave Chervinsky

General Meeting Minutes 04/27/05
Guest Speaker cancelled.
-Lion Dick Crawford reported on the Spaghetti Dinner.
-Lion Burt Wixon commented that no other Lions Clubs attended the Spaghetti Dinner and that we need to do a better job promoting the event to other clubs.
-Lion Diane Dubiel gave the Secretaries Report.
-Lion President Dick Planavsky announced the Peace Poster awards would be presented at the May 25th meeting. Lion Marlaine Kaniecki announced the winners for this year and Lion Paul Bassette brought in two statewide winning posters for us to see. It was announced that Lion Mike Steinagel bought a copy of the 1st place poster for $60 and Lion Paul suggested our club could buy copies of the three top posters and put them on display at our Library as a way of promoting Lionism. This will go to the board.
-Lion Tom Rusert said that Plaques for the boat operators would also be given out on May 25th.
-20N outstanding Youth award nominations are needed by May 7th. Lion Paul mentioned the scholarship committee could make a recommendation but would not be able to meet the deadline.
-Journey for sight is May 7th Registration at 8:30 AM at HSBC Arena.
-Lion Paul announced that the Lions Blind and Charity fund will give our club $996.66, but we must fill in the application forms or we won't get a penny. Club directors for this fund are Lion Paul and Lion Norm Hahn. The Charity has over one million dollars in assets and distributes raised funds to charities, including money back to participating clubs based on the shares each club has invested. Lion Paul also said that United Way contributions could be directed to the Blind and Charity Fund. Lion Paul encouraged our members to make donations in November when the Fund sends out their stamps. Last year only six donations were received from our club members.
- Lion Paul on constitutional changes: Could occur with two weeks notice to members and two-thirds majority vote by the Board. This will go to the board.
-Lion Tom Schultz passed out a sign up sheet for the Kids Picnic.
-Lion President Dick Planavsky reported:  Thank you for the $556 received for the Tsunami relief.-Free event from the Guiding Eyes for the Blind A "Friends and Family Recognition Night" at the West Seneca School auditorium at 7PM.
-Orchard Park Club will hold their 60th anniversary on June 11th. Lion Dan Morabito will attend.
-Lion Dick Crawford Re: Golf Tournament- Beaver Island on August 29th. Banquet at the Niagara Sailing Club.
-Lion Secretary Kathie Norris reported two Lions paid their dues today and there are only two left unpaid-should be reviewed by the board.
-Sunshine report: Lion Shelia Ferrentino on bed rest following back surgery will rejoin us in June. Lion Annette Lobl has a recent infection following open-heart surgery is now recovering at home.
-Lion President Dick P: Cost of sunshine club flowers etc and the board should review type of response.
_Also review 9PM deadline for general meeting
-New Members needed!
-Lion Mark Bullock will stay on as a member
-Lion Jim Ryan will rejoin our Club.
-Lion Diane Dubiel- Lobster fest on May 28th.
-Split Club won by Lion Jim Crump- not present.
Adjourn at 8:50PM

Respectfully Submitted, Lion Dave Chervinsky

General Meeting Minutes 05/11/05
-Byron Brown was unable to attend our meeting.
-Guests in attendance were prospective new members Russ Thompson, brought in by Lion Tom Witkowski, and Mark Abate and Erin Skivington, brought in by Lions Diane and Jerry Dubiel.
-Lion Dick Crawford gave a Spaghetti dinner report: Receipts total $5,617 to date with expenses of $972 for a profit of $4,645 which is $1145 over budget.
-Lion Tom Schultz needs Lions to sign up for the Kids Picnic. First meeting is June 6th at the Sailing Club.
-Lion President Dick Planavsky brought in our Charter dated 12/04/56 and read it to the Club. He noted that we have had a new president in every year of our existence and one instance of a father and son serving (Crawford).
Lion Dan Morabito said the anniversary celebration will be October 6th most likely at the Buffalo Launch Club with a live band and new pins will be given out. More details will be coming.
-Secretaries report: Lion Kathie Norris reported that St Mary's School for the Deaf will hold an Auction and Dinner at the Buffalo Convention Center on June 11th. Cost is $35. Fundraisers for Lion Robert Shively, who will be running for District Governor, will be held at the Hyatt on May 14th and on May 21st. -Lion Jim Milne's daughter's school group is raising money to attend a Chorale in NYC and will ask the Lions for a donation. - Read a brochure from Eye Care America on a free eye care program for seniors 65 and over (800) 222-EYES.
-Lion Dick Crawford needs committee people for the Golf Tournament. It will be August 29th at Beaver Island with the banquet at the Niagara Sailing Club. Lion Mike Steinagel is helping.
-Lion Paul Bassette displayed the Peace Poster winners and passed the hat to buy three of them at $55 each. We collected enough for on Poster.
Old Business: 
-The new stairs are in the building next to the loan closet.
New Business:
-Lion Fred Ruocco will not be at the 4th of July Parade and we will need a volunteer to be the "Lion".
-Lion Tom Witkowski mentioned upcoming events including the Spinoza Bear Contest. Helping him are Lions Dick Crawford, Diane and Jerry Dubiel.
-Also Sight Night in which teens help collect used glasses on Halloween.
-Lion Dick Crawford reminded us that we must file the forms for the Blind and Charity Fund in order to be reimbursed our shares.
-Lion Tom Bassette said the Scholarship committee would meet soon.
-Next meeting we will award the peace poster winners and present plaques to the boat captains.
-Split Club $28- Mark Bullock- not present.

Respectfully submitted, Lion Dave Chervinsky

Grand Island Lions Minutes, May 25, 2005

Meeting brought to order by President Dick Plavnasky.  This evening our club was honoring the boat captains that so graciously volunteer there boats every summer for the Special Kids Picnic with a plaque and engraved plate for their years of service.
Lion Dick Plavnasky presented a $500 check to Jim Catalono from the Excalibur to go toward the purchase of their new boat.  Lion Larry Furnia then presented a plaque to Jim for the many years that he has donated his boat, which Larry could remember back to ’86.
Other honorees were David Bunis & companion Barb Grant for use of their houseboat since ’80.  David wished to thank and remember Lion Jim Kennedy for starting and running the boats for many, many years. Lion Tom Rusert & his wife Peggy, since‘99, Bob & Lion Anne Fahning ’02. Absent were Lion Bill Wind ’00 & Mid-River Marine Mike & Karen Bognar ’04.
Also we honored the Peace Poster Contest winners by Lion Paul Bassette.  Maura Eltagouri 1st Place, $200 savings bond and Patty VeRost, 2nd Place, $100 savings bond.  Both girls are from Veronica Connor Middle School.  The theme this year was “Give Peace A Chance.” This the 18th year for the Peace Poster Contest and is open to 11-13 yr. old Students.  Not present but our four Honorable Mentions with a $50 saving bond went to Sarah Webb, Ryan Jackson, & Ariana Mendall from V. Connor Middle School, and Jessica Manning from St. Stephens.
Lion Paul said that the Peace Posters that we had framed from last year along with this year’s 2 winners would be on display at the Grand Island Library for 1 year.
Lion Dick Crawford said our total to date from the Spaghetti Dinner is $5,727.
Lion Dick also informed us that the annual Lions/Rotary Golf Tournament will be held on August 29th @ Beaver Island-----Need Help!  Cost will be $95 pp.  Treasurer’s Report: Balance in Welfare Account $7,073.84. General Account: $1,385.07 of which $1483.31 is earmarked for our 50th Anniversary.   -$108.24. Two members have still not paid their dues.  The board will decide what action to take.
Secretary report: Lion Kathie read a thank you note for donationLion Paul B. said that the scholarship committee would meet this week to go over applications & pick this years’ winners.Lion Kathie asked that any members that have perfect attendance pins that they may have laying around if they would bring them to next meeting or any future meeting so we can use them again (recycle them).Lion Paul Krupa has graciously agreed to chair this years Awards/Officers Dinner.Board Meeting 5/25Board meeting was short and sweet…it was suggested that we donate $500 to the Vision Beyond Sight, Ira G Ross Eye Institute Lions Diagnostic Center. Motioned carried.  It was suggested that Dave Chervinsky notify members that don’t normally make meetings for help via email

Respectfully submitted,  Lion Kathie Norris

Gr. Island Lions Club - Minutes for 9/14/05
Meeting brought to order by 1st V.P. Lion Norm Hahn-in Pres. Lion Jerry Dubiel's absence. 
Guest: Kenmore Lion Bart Nowell
 Treasurers Report: White Cane collection was a success, better than last year.  Collected $2,384 US;
$15.15 Canadian; 10 cents Bahamas.
Balance in Welfare Acct $3,826.05.  Balance in Gen. Acct. $1,348.64.* Of this amount $1,518.31 is earmarked for our 50th anniversary.  (Actual Gen Bal. = minus $169.67)   Thirty-four members have paid dues. If you have not paid your dues yet, please do so as soon as possible.   
$46 in split club won by Mike Steinagel-chose to donate monies to 50th anniversary fund. 
Rotary/Lions Golf tournament didn't go as well as anticipated.may have to do something else next year. 
Lion Henry Lobl gave us a few report on speakers for some upcoming meetings---also looking for ideas for additional speakers. 
9/28 - Dr. Tom Sanio, chiropractor on the island; 10/12 - Ira Ross Eye Institute; 10/26 - Tom Schultz re: kids picnic report & new ideas; 11/9 -  Open; 11/23 - No meeting (day before Thanksgiving).  12/14 Christmas Party, details forthcoming.  12/28 - Financial planning & long term healthcare.
Lion Dick Crawford handed out a copy of the constitution by laws to all present this meeting and next.  It will be emailed or regular mailed to any members that didn't get it before 2nd mtg in October  and then can be discussed further at the following meeting in November.  
Lion Dick also reminded members if they wanted to participate in the Great Lakes Beach Sweep it was this coming Sat. 9/17, 9:00 a.m. Winston Salem Church on West River.
Lion Paul Bassette noted that any members that have a vest that needs to have the back embroidered he would be willing to take them to have it done. 
Correspondence: Thank You's from Roz Butler and Ann Fries, for asking them to Installation dinner and the couples picnic. 
LCIF has designated funds for Hurricane Katrina and if anyone wishes to donate may send checks to International. 
Adopt - A - Family Program Lion Floyd's daughter-in-law Dawn local sponsor Buf. chapter, helping hurricane Katrina victims, info given to finance committee. 
Lion Paul Bassette had to 3 winners of Peace Poster contest mounted & will be on display @ GI library for 1 year.  We collected enough to pay for one $55 last spring & he wanted to collect to pay for the additional 2; $110.  So the fine pot was passed around and before the evening ended we collected enough the pay for the other 2 posters. 
Lion Tom Witkowski is still collecting aluminum & copper.  He contacted Tops Manager Sam Qureshi to see if  we can have a day to collect cans that day.  October is Sight Month, Lion Tom also wants to have "Sight Night" on Halloween-maybe have a party Tops playroom with refreshments, and have some prizes. This will be a drop off for kids to bring eye glasses and hearing aids collected during trick or treat.  Suggested that some kind of flyer be made that kids can deliver to neighbors ahead of time, so will have these items ready for the night. 
Lion Dan Moribito reported on 50th Anniversary will be next year October 14th, 2006 at the Buffalo Launch Club.  The budget will be $2,000 and the fine monies will continue to go to the anniversary fund.  He hopes to get a special pin made to signify our anniversary.
Sunshine committee: Lion John MacNeil is doing well. 
We are in need of a new publicity chairman.  If anyone is interested please contact Pres. Lion Jerry Dubiel.
Respectfully submitted,
Lion Secy Kathie Norris

Gr. Island Lions Club - Minutes  9/28/05
Meeting brought to order by Pres. Lion Jerry Dubiel.
Guest Speaker: Dr. Tom Sanio, Chiropractor
Lion Gerry was fined $5.00 for missing his 1st meeting of the year.  He was in Poland last meeting with wife Lion Diane.
 Lion Tom Witkowski spoke to Tops Mgr Sam Qureshi and decided that Sat 10/29 (before Halloween) 10-4 would be the day to collect cans/bottles, scrap aluminum & copper in conjunction w/kids parade. (Costume party for kids).  Lion Tom would like to continue to collect cans, etc, one Saturday per month---benefits American Cancer Society.
Halloween "Sight Night" will need news release, contests for best looking bag, heaviest collection (eyeglasses & hearing aids).  He'll be contacting Sam to firm up details. 
Friday 9/30 @ 5:30 groundbreaking for "Vision Beyond Sight" will be adjacent to Olmstead Ctr. 1170 Main St. Buf.
 Treasurer's Report-Split Club $16.00 collected, $8.00 Burt Wixson name picked but not present.
Welfare Acct Balance $5,548.05.  Bal. Gen Acct. $2,433.78* (of this amt $1,594.31 earmarked for our 50th Anniversary) Actual Gen Bal. = $839.47 Bal in Adrian Pollack Scholarship Fund $900.33.  One member paid his dues. If you have not paid your dues as yet, please do so as soon as possible.
 Lion Dick Crawford said that we need 1 month notice to all members in regards to the constitution.  Any members that have not received revised copy will either be emailed same or sent regular mail next week. 1st meeting in November will be discussion.
It was suggested that important dates such as Christmas Party, Spaghetti Dinner, Kids Picnic, Anniversary Party be posted in newsletter every month, just as a reminder.
Correspondence- $100 donation request for Ira Ross Institute, will be sent to finance committee. 
Motion carried for club to pay for President, Secy & 1 VP to attend the Advisory Committee meeting to be held this coming Monday.  (Later found that meeting has been postponed).  It was discussed that is important that all officers get a chance to attend a meeting at least once per year.  The club will vote again (if monies available) for future mtgs. 
Board mtg to follow.
Respectfully submitted,
Lion Secy Kathie Norris

Grand Island Lion General meeting minutes for 10/12/05

-Guest speaker Jeff Stribing was not able to attend.
-Split club of $17 won by Lions President Jerry Dubiel. Lion Jerry donated the money to our 50th anniversary fund.
-Lion Floyd Doring suggested a speaker should discuss the Medicare drug benefit changes that are taking place. Lion Henry Lobl agreed to do this and will schedule it before the end of the year.
-Lion Dick Crawford discussed the proposed changes to the Grand Island Lions Constitution. Each change was discussed and revised as necessary. The final version will be sent to all Lions and we will vote on it next meeting (October 26th).
-Lion President Jerry Dubiel read correspondence from Excalibur thanking us for the $500 donated in May and for the plaque presentation. Also the new boat will be operational by November of this year and a request for additional funding was made. This was sent to the board.
-Buffalo Host Club has Spaghetti Dinner on Nov 5th. See Lion Dubiel if anyone is interested.
-Lions Diane and Jerry Dubiel attended the UNYTS dinner. Guest was transplant recipient Megan Gross.
- Tom Rienagel would like Lions Clubs to donate back 10-25% of the funds given back from the Lions Blind and Charity fund for a major project. They would like to raise $25,000. It was decided to let the board advise on this.
-Lion Paul Bassette announced Mike Cancilla would rejoin our club. There was a discussion as the whether the initiation fee would apply to a returning member. It was decided that the board would decide this on a case-by-case basis.
-Lion Kathie Norris reported 37 Lions have paid dues to date including the returning Mike Cancilla.
-20N Convention will be in Buffalo next year May 5-7th.
-Donation request for the MTI camera was sent to the board.
-The Bible fellowship Center sent us a $50 donation.
-Lion Tom witkowski reviewed Sight Night plans.
-Lion Paul Bassette is taking orders for Lions Vests. Anyone needing a vest or wanting to monogram an existing vest should see Lion Paul.
-Meeting adjourned at 9:05PM.

Respectfully submitted, Lion Dave Chervinsky

General Meeting Minutes for October 26th, 2005

-Miriam Smith of Equistar Therapeutic riding School was the guest speaker.  She described benefits of riding for disabled people including those with Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and Autism.
-Split Club winner was Lion Tom Butler who forfeited $20. -Not present.
-Mystery gift raffle went to Lion Norm Hahn.
-Lion President Jerry Dubiel read correspondence:
-Opportunities Unlimited needs volunteers for gift-wrapping at the Factory Outlet from November 25th-December 24th.
-District Cabinet Meetings 11/06/05 Como Restaurant.
           03/19/06 Homestead Center
-District Committee Meeting 11/9/05 Holiday Inn Grand Island
President Dubiel will set this up so we can host the meeting.
-December 14th the District Governor is scheduled to come to our club meeting. Lion Paul Bassette suggested we either postpone his visit or reschedule our Christmas party.
-G.I, Soccer Club requests $300 for a tree carving on Grand Island.  Sent to board.
-Mayville Lions have raffle tickets for a Helen Keller Limited edition print.
-Buffalo Host Club sent tickets for their Spaghetti Dinner 11/06/05 3-6PM $6.
-Niagara Frontier Radio Reading Service sent 150 raffle tickets 6/$5 Motion was made and passed for our club to buy them in lieu of our annual donation.
 -Lion Secretary Kathie Norris reported NYS and Bermuda Youth Band is selling raffle tickets and requests us to sponsor a local student for the band that will play at next years convention.
-Lion Al Ackerman gave the Treasurers report. Lion Bassette noted that $100 should be transferred from the Adrian Pollock Scholarship Fund into the Welfare Fund to help defray the cost of the Peace Poster awards.
-Lion Tom Witkowski outlined the activities of Sight Night. Witkowski also showed us a book and memory box called "Where is Robert". Kits are to help children cope with death. Anyone interested in a kit should see Lion Witkowski.
-The changes to the Constitution were distributed by Lion Dick Crawford and a motion was made and passed to accept the changes.
-Lion Bassette showed the winning Peace Poster submitted by Marshal Cancilla.
All District Peace poster winners will be on display at The Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum 180 Thompson Street in North Tonawanda from November 7-14th.
-Lion Bassette spoke about the importance of a membership drive.
-Meeting Adjourned at 9PM.

Respectfully submitted,   Lion Dave Chervinsky

General Meeting Minutes for November 9th 2005.
-Guest speaker was Lion Henry Lobl who explained Medicare Part D to the club.
-Lion Tom Witkowski introduced Cheyenne Covey and her parents at our meeting. Cheyenne collected the most glasses for Sight Night.
-Lion Al Ackerman gave the Treasures report (see elsewhere).
-Lion Paul Krupa won the $29 pot for the Split Club and donated the winnings to our 50th Anniversary Fund.
-Lion Paul announced that he would be moving to the Lake Luzerne area at the end of the year.
-Lion President Jerry Dubiel reported highlights of the 20N Committee Meeting:
- There is a drive to collect and recycle ink jet cartridges. Local Clubs would get  $1 for every Cartridge brought in.
- Journey for sight is May 13th.
- Clubs are being asked to donate for a tree planting in Ellicott Creek Park.
- There is a district wide drive for new members.
The Ransomville Lions have a Breakfast with Santa on November 27th. Cost is $5/adults $3/children.
-Depew gun raffle tickets were sold for $5ea.
-Lion President Dubiel announced that January 11th is the date we are hosting the District Committee Advisory Meeting.
-The DG will attend our February 22nd meeting.
Lion Secretary Kathie reported receiving a thank you from Equistar for our donation to them.
-LCI is requesting donations for Katrina relief. To date LCI has raised over $200,000 for this cause.
-Lion Diane Dubiel reported on the Advisory Committee Meeting that she attended (see elsewhere).
-Old Business:
-Lion Dick Crawford is looking for flags at a more modest price for our club than the quotes we received for presentation flags. He has a Canadian Flag and will get pricing for an American Flag and accessories for both.
-Lion Paul Bassette announced that Marshall Cancilla’s Peace Poster won first place in the District competition. He also brought in the other winning peace posters from our club.
-Lion Tom Witkowski introduced Cheyenne Covey who collected 852 complete glasses 456 lenses 32 partials and 2 hearing aids. Lions Bassette, Ferrentino and Bois-Lobl helped with the Sight Night Project.
-President Dubiel announced we still need a publicity Chairman.
-Toronto Lions were discussed Lion Tom DiCarlo needs dates when we would want to visit the club. Lion President Dubiel will schedule this for the spring of 2006.
-The meeting was adjourned at 9PM.

Respectfully submitted,  Lion Dave Chervinsky