Grand Island Lions Club Board of Directors Meeting January 27, 2010
Attendance: (11 in attendance)Henry Lobl, Annette Lobl, Dick Crawford,  Tom Witkowski, Dave Chervinsky, Paul Bassette, Fred Ruocco, Al Ackerman, Anne Fahning, Dick Planavsky, Donna Lavallee
Lion President Henry Lobl called the meeting to order at 9:12 PM. 
Items for discussion:
Lion Dick, We can buy Uplinger tickets from the DG and can get an Uplinger award to give out for our club.
$360 check will go out for District 20N dues.   We are not carrying any unpaid members
Lion Dave:  Website was not as secure as we would desire.  Reg Schopp worked on this pro bono indicated that Isle de Grande does take charitable contributions.  The board recommended a $100 donation.  This will come out of the general budget.
The monies raised from BonTon sales will go into the Welfare Fund decision to be made after each collection. 
We have may not been covering the cost of the meals entirely.  The club should not subsidize the cost of meals.  Lion Dick will look at this more closely and we can change the cost if necessary.  Our guest’s meals will be covered by the club through the General Fund.  It was noted that at this meeting costs were covered by monies paid.
Lion Henry; An amended  motion was made that the donation for Doc Days for Kids be $250.  Seconded by Lion Anne, discussion, all in favor, motion passed. 
Motions were made by Lion Dick C. for $200 to Young Life, seconded by Lion Anne, all in favor, motion passed.
A motion was made to donate $500 to Excalibur, seconded by Lion Paul, all in favor, motion passed.
Lion Paul:  Cheryl Lepsch will be presenting on “Jammies for GI’s” on March 10th.  A motion was made by Lion Paul for $100 to be donated to “Jammies for GI’s” to be presented when she does her presentation, seconded by Lion Anne, all in favor, motion passed. 
Lion Dick P. A motion was made to donate a $100 to Camp Badger, seconded by Lion Henry, all in favor, motion passed.
Lion Dick P.  A motion that 100% of the revenue from the next BonTon go into the welfare fund, seconded by Lion Henry, all in favor, motion passed.
Adrian Pollack’s son, would like to set up an annual memorial fund donation.  We can set up a 501 C3, a tax exempt charitable organization, which would cost the club a few hundred dollars.  We need to determine the annual donation amount first.  Then we can research the clubs options and Mr. Pollack’s options, perhaps a third party such as the GI Foundation can be utilized for distribution of donations.
Meeting adjourned: Motion to adjourn Lion Henry seconded Lion Fred meeting adjourned 10:01 PM.
Next Board of Directors meeting will be February 24, 2010
Respectively submitted by Lion Donna Lavallee


Grand Island Lions Club
Board of Directors Meeting February 24, 2010

Attendance: (12 in attendance)Henry Lobl, Annette Lobl, Dick Crawford,  Tom Witkowski, Paul Bassette, Fred Ruocco,  Anne Fahning, Donna Lavallee, Diane Dubiel, Gerry Dubiel, Norm Hahn, Dick Planavsky.

Lion President Henry Lobl called the meeting to order at 9:15 PM. 
Items for discussion:
· Lion Henry reported on his visit to Canine Helpers.  Board members are asked to read Henry’s report and vote on how we should handle future requests for donations.  This will be done at the next board meeting.  The general impression is that the organization will run out of money without substantial donations.  Lion Henry suggests that we sponsor a specific individual for a helper dog if this is requested.
·  Lion Paul:  State Convention; Buffalo, NY,  May 13-16.  Registration fees will be paid for by the club. There is one delegate for every 10 members.  The registration fee is $30 prior to March 15th.  If we have 4 interested delegates the club will pay for their registration.  A motion was made by Lion Gerry that our club to pay for the registration for our delegates.  Seconded by Lion Norm, motion passed.  The lions who will be our delegates are Lion Paul, Lion Henry, Lion Annette and Lion Tom W.
· Lions Tri Fold information packets; more are needed.  The cost will be covered by the club.  Lion Dick C has arranged for this before.  A motion was made to make 100 copies for future distribution.  Lion Tom W will take care of this.
· Lion Paul, Membership drive, we have not gained any new members as of yet.  We will continue to make the effort, perhaps with better follow up.
· Journey for Sight – Lion Tom W. requested that the board make a commitment for $150 sponsorship.  Motion made by Lion Tom, seconded by Lion Paul, all in favor, motion passed. Monies will come out of the welfare fund.
· Niagara Falls American Legion Jamboree:  a donation for a full page advertisement, at the cost of $40.  A motion was made by Lion Annette, seconded by Lion Dick, all in favor, motion passed.

o Meeting adjourned: Motion to adjourn Lion Anne, seconded Lion Norm meeting adjourned 9:49 PM.

Next Board of Directors meeting will be March 24, 2010
Respectively submitted by Lion Donna Lavallee

Grand Island Lions Club
Board of Directors Meeting
March 10, 2010

Attendance: ( 12 in attendance)Henry Lobl, Annette Lobl, Dick Crawford, Paul Bassette, Fred Ruocco,  Anne Fahning, Donna Lavallee, Diane Dubiel, Gerry Dubiel, Al Ackerman, Dick Planavsky, Bill Wind.

Lion President Henry Lobl called the meeting to order at 8:45 PM. 
Items for discussion:

· Additional request for funds;  Niagara Frontier Radio Reading Service.  A motion was made by Lion Dick P. to donate $50, seconded by Lion Paul, all in favor, motion passed.
· Clarification of full page ad for the NF American Legion Jamboree.
· Lion Henry;  Review of Canine Helpers report.  Comments, Lion Dick P, they lost $200k for the 2008 year, essentially they are bankrupt.  Lion Henry feels that the executive director is making a concerted effort.  The recommendation that Lion Henry suggests that we sponsor a specific individual for a helper dog if this is requested, someone we have identified.  Each recipient needs to sign a contract for 15k dollars.  We could help an identified person through the process, with a small donation ($100) and suggest ways raise more funds.  We could look at District 20N contribution.  Lion Henry states that the district says not to donate,  due to their poor fiscal management.  Lion Annette made a motion to not donate any money to Canine Helpers at this time due to their poor fiscal management, Seconded by Lion Dick P, vote; 8 in favor 2 opposed, motion passed.
·  Lion Paul:  We need to vote on the three new applicants, Sean Kelly, Brian Grimm and Kevin Slachciak.  Lion Paul moved that we accept these applicants at the first meeting in May.  Seconded by Lion Gerry.  All in favor, motion passed.

Motion to adjourn at 9:08
Respectively submitted by Lion Donna Lavallee

Board of directors’ Meeting April 14,2010
Present: Dick  Crawford, Dick Planavsky, Tom Witkowski, Gerry and Diane Dubiel, Al Ackerman, David Chervinsky, Paul Bassette, Henry Lobl,  Annette Boies-Lobl .
Treasurers  Report : Dick discussed money in Welfare and General funds. He stated that a report for members’ only web site will be done for April to show cash flow. Finance committee meeting will be held on 5/12.
Journey for Sight Walk.: Paul Bassette made a motion to spend up to $200. for beverages for the walk .2nd by Diane. Approved.
Rotary Clinic Project: Gerry made a motion to approve $500 for a donation for this project. Motion 2ND by Dick Planavsky. Approved.
Henry stated that the next Board meeting will be held on 5/27/10;
Motion to adjourn by Diane. 2nd by Al.
Respectfully submitted
Annette Boies-Lobl acting for Donna Lavallee

Treasurers Report:

Regular Meeting 4-14-10       
Cash $176.00       
Acherman #2085 $15.00      
Dubiel  #12178 $30.00      
Fahning #3753 $15.00      
Morabito  #4802 $15.00      
Witkowski #2357 $15.00      
Total $266.00       

Placemat Ads Spaghetti Dinner 4-14-10       
Gorrell #341 $35.00       
Auto Tech         
Lavalle #3076 $35.00       
Ruocco #14639 $35.00       
Frentzel #130 $25.00       
Ratajczak #1314 $25.00       
Lobl #2876 $50.00       
Steinagel #1035 $35.00       
Roesch #6234 $25.00       
Launch Club         
Witkowski #2516 $25.00 tickets      
Covanta 10975 $35.00       
Crawford 3228 $35.00      
Account Balances       
General   Welfare   Scholarship Fund 
4/1910 - $1584.78 4/19/10 - $9786.70 3/31/10 - $1585.77 
Expenses Paid       
Giecom - Spaghetti Dinner Internet Ad - $25.00       
Niagara Frontier Publications Dispatch - $238.08       
Ray Gay Sales - $67.43 - Raffle Ticket Sheets Spaghetti Dinner       
C & M Sales - $290.36 - Tickets, Placemats, Printing Ink        
Richard Crawford - $32.80 - Spag. Dinner - Drinks 

Grand Island Lions Club
Board of Directors Meeting
May 26, 2010

Attendance: (16 in attendance)Henry Lobl, Annette Lobl, Dick Crawford, Paul Bassette, Fred Ruocco,  Norm Hahn, Anne Fahning, Donna Lavallee, Diane Dubiel, Gerry Dubiel, Al Ackerman, Dick Planavsky, Dave Chervinsky, Tom Witkowski, Bill Wind, Josh Kibler.

Lion President Henry Lobl called the meeting to order at 8:35 PM. 
Items for discussion:

· Freedom Guide Dogs in Utica, NY.  They have sent a request for a donation.  Questions were raised on whether or not they are supporting persons in WNY.  Perhaps they could come and do a presentation next year.  We get requests for guide dogs assistance from places much farther away.  We will table this until the June Board meeting.  Regarding Canine Helpers, Lion Henry has made a personal donation with a letter.  The training costs publicized for comparable groups indicated that training costs being about $18,000.  Therefore, Canine Helpers projection of training costs of $15,000 is not entirely out of line.  Lion Henry will request an updated financial statement.  A motion was made by Lion Dick P that we make a donation of $100 to canine helpers earmarked for a specific individual.  Seconded by Lion Anne, all in favor, motion passed.
· Convention: Support of SEE program, the motion was passed 2:1 at the convention.
· Lion Bill:  CNA.  The CNA committee would like to put a survey to a website, so that a lot of time and energy could be saved through an electronic survey.  The survey would be presented to the board by the June meeting.  Questions would be kept to around 10 questions.
Motion to adjourn at Lion Gerry, seconded by Lion Dick P.  meeting adjourned 8:59 PM
Respectively submitted by Lion Donna Lavallee

Lions Board Meeting June 23, 2010:

Present:  Lions Henry & Annette Lobl, Dave Chervinsky, Tom Witkowski, Anne Fahning, Paul Bassette, Shelia Ferrentino, Jerry & Diane Dubiel.

Meeting was called to order by Lion Henry at 6:45 PM.  His agenda included:
1.  Lions Dues - Annual dues are:
 $73.00     Individual  *
 $126.50   Couple       *
*  Comprised of:  $39.00 International Dues   $19.50 International Dues
        34.00 State & Multi-District   34.00 State & Multi-District      ____________
      $73.00 - 1st person   $53.50 - 2nd person 
Anne moved, and Jerry 2nded the motion. Motion passed.
2.  Two requests have been received from organizations providing canine assistance.
     Canine Helpers for the Handicapped:  Anne moved, and Jerry 2nded, donating $100,
       Designating Cynthia White as the recipient.  A letter will accompany the donation,
       With a copy to her.  Also, Freedom Dogs requested assistance for Nicole White. Paul
       Moved, and it was 2nded, to send $100 donation. A letter will accompany it, with
       Nicole designated as recipient and a copy sent to her.
3.  Health Association of Niagara {HANCI] is an after-school program for under-privileged children.
      Annette reported that Center for Joy [administered by HANCI] wants to send 20-30
     Children and 8 counselors to the Special Kids’ Picnic.  Requested help with cost of bus transportation. Cost for bus is $182.
      After discussion, and since Variety Club partners with HANCI, Tom moved and Dave
      2nded motion to donate $91, to help defray the bus transportation cost.  Motion was
      Passed.  To avoid setting a precedent, the Board agreed we will consider each request
      Presented, with no guarantee of future obligations.
4.  Annette & Henry discussed presenting a plaque to Deanna Kelly, commemorating
      Mike’s efforts in Lionism.  It will be hung in the Country Store.  Also, donations to
      Our Club in Mike’s memory will be earmarked toward the cost of the Niagara
      Experience Players at the Special Kids’ Picnic, for approximately the next 4 years.
      Annette moved, and Anne 2nded the motion.  It was passed.

5.  Paul discussed the Pollack/Kaiser Scholarship Fund.  He spoke with Alan Pollack, who advised approximately $10,000 total has been designated as a contribution to our Club.  It will be distributed annually by the Neighbors’ Foundation, a 501-C3 entity, based on Alan’s criteria, and will send an acknowledgment of the donation to Alan.  Paul will contact Alan, since he’s heard nothing further.
6.  Special Kids’ Picnic:  Tom reported the cost of 3 horses from Spirit Wind is $350.  He’ll get an invoice for our Treasurer, Dick Crawford.  He has a certificate of insurance, now available on line from Lions Club International.
7.  Recycling Report:
  Tom & Dave are doing a scrap run on July 9th.
  Jerry reported we are no longer collecting ink cartridges, due to vendor difficulties with shipment.  Diane advised cartridges can be dropped off at X-Press Cleaners, in the Town Square Plaza, next to Subway. 
8.  Kids’ Biz/Island Happenings were discussed.  It was decided that in the future our Club should be represented, to promote Lionism.  Paul has about 500 tri-fold brochures, and membership applications. Pictures of the SPK can be displayed. A committee will be formed for next year’s event.
9.  Fourth of July Parade:  Location of magnetic signs, decals and other needed items were discussed.  Tom DeCarlo has all paperwork in place.  Donna Lavallee’s son or daughter may wear the Lion’s costume.  Tom stated bags of candy can be purchased, and handed out to children.
10.  Members’ Picnic:  Henry is Chairman, with event to be held on Anne & Bob Fahning’s boat.  Anne reported that Riverstone Grill will cater the meal, with members bringing either an appetizer or a dessert.  Telephone Committee to contact members, and Paul will contact wives of deceased Lions.  Cost is $15.00 per person, including beverages.  Event starts at 4:00 PM, with Dinner at 5:00 PM.  Captain Bob will provide a cruise on the Niagara after dinner.
Henry thanked everyone for their help and support during his Presidency, and turned the meeting over to Incoming President Dave.
Dave advised re:  upcoming events:
Lancaster Lions Steak Roast July 29th
White Cane Sale August 20th and 21st
Little Valley Lions Charter Presentation - October 7th  [Dave suggested it would be nice to have our club represented, as Lion Adrian was instrumental in founding the Little Valley Club.  So far, Lions Dave & Diane will attend.  Members interested can contact Dave.]
Dave discussed Committees, chairs and members.  Anne motioned to adjourn, 2nd ed by Paul. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Lion Diane Dubiel

Grand Island Lions Club Board of Directors Meeting July 28, 2010

Attendance: (14 in attendance)Henry Lobl, Annette Lobl, Dick Crawford, Paul Bassette, Anne Fahning, Donna Lavallee, Diane Dubiel, Gerry Dubiel, Dave Chervinsky, Tom Witkowski, Bill Wind, Brooks Rimes, Mike Steinagel, Dick Planavsky

Lion President Dave Chervinsky called the meeting to order at 7: 13 PM.

Review of Committees: There were no changes to committee chairpersons. There is an open position for Program chairperson. Up for discussion new programs; Christmas Tree Fundraiser at Kelly's. Lion Jerry Dubiel will chair..

Event Calendar: Changes; " White Cane 8/21 and 8/22 " Annual A-2-20N Picnic in Niagara Falls Ontario from 1-5 PM " Leadership forum in West Seneca 8/29.at Blessed John the XXIII Parish starting at 1:15 PM.

Items for discussion:

" Gifts for program speakers, need to consider budget, mugs. " Lions Magnets - Brian Grimm " Review of items Loan closet, recycle some of the metal objects, lift and bed frames. Paper products for spaghetti dinner and SKP. Dave Chervinsky, Tom Witkowski, Dick Crawford and Annette Lobl. 8/13/10 5 PM. " Award for Mike Kelly to be presented to the family tentatively scheduled for the FIRST meeting in October. " Meals on Wheels. Annette will talk to Barbara from the Center and the Club will arrange for some volunteer dates.

Committee Reports: " Special Kids Picnic - 1000 children were in attendance. Boy scouts volunteers were less. NO football players FOR helping with the loading of the wheelchairs on the boats. The wait line for boats was longer this year than in years past. Basically we had fewer boats. Some of the children who were in attendance were more physically challenged. Publicity coverage was great, Channel 7 and Channel 2 and the Island Dispatch. " Scholarship Committee: Paul Bassette - Paul contacted Maura Rustowicz. Maura has not received any monies from Adrian Pollack's family for the Grand Island Foundation. Paul has contacted the family and at this point the scholarship money for next year should be taken out of the welfare fund. Our top winner, Benjamin Soos got appointed to the US Military Academy at West Point. Discussion was had on whether or not potential attendees of Military Academy should be excluded from consideration Because their cost is covered by the military. There was a unanimous decision that all should be included for consideration. " Membership: Paul Bassette - 3 new members this past year. Paul would like the club members to once again have members fill out a form in regards to potential members. Paul feels like this may not be the best venue to attract new members. Paul feels that personal contact is the best way. Historically, times are different in the 21th century, people are not joining clubs as they did I the past. "Why should people join our club?" Direct community involvement may be the answer. " New Program-Possibility would be for Lion's to serve in the snack shop for the Grand Island Little League, parents pay money to opt out of their expected service at the snack stand. Motion: Mike Steinagel will look into the time commitment for the Snack stand at Veterans park and signage at the baseball diamonds. " Community Needs Assessment - Tom Witkowski - Lions Bill, Henry, Tom and Dick C have met and are exploring several options. The 74 people that are on our list will be contacted via email and phone call to collaborate island efforts for service projects that could be offered. " Correspondence - The Club received acknowledge from Excaliber from the SKP. Circle of Life diabetes camp at Camp Badger in the Albany area in the amount of $250. We received a request from another Lion in Town of Niagara on behalf of a friend to go towards unpaid medical expenses. That club will be sponsoring a 5k run. " There are 20 members who have not paid their dues. Annette reviewed the list and members will be called. Annette will expect an email on the members intentions.

Announcements: The KOC is going to have a Chicken BBQ and Vegas Night on 8/21 Dinner from 4-7 PM Vegas night to begin at 6 PM. The KOC will make a donation to the club.

Wine tour Saturday 10/02 from 10AM - 4PM $48.60 per person, train ride from Lockport to Spring Lake winery in Medina, breakfast, lunch winery tour and tasting Interested parties contact Diane Dubiel. Motion to adjourn at Lion Anne, seconded by Lion Gerry. meeting adjourned 8:3 PM Kevin Gaughn put in a petition to downsize town government. Dick Crawford would like some public feedback. Contact Dick with any thoughts. Respectively submitted by Lion Donna Lavallee


ATTENDANCE: Lion President Dave Chervinsky, Lions Al Ackerman, Mike Steinagel, Jerry Dubiel, Diane Dubiel, Paul Bassette, Tom Witkowski, Henry Lobl and Annette Lobl.

1. Lion President Dave convened the meeting at 7:15 PM and reported on the following: A. At the October 13, 2010 meeting Lion Mike Kelly will be honored for his service to our Club. His family will be invited to attend. The meeting will be held at the Grand Island Knights of Columbus Hall, which Lion Jerry will secure.

B. Upcoming guest speakers include: October 27, 2010 Harbor Development [Lion Tom Witkowski is confirming arrangements], and November 10, 2010 Barb Gannon. Director of the Grand Island Senior Citizens Center.

C. The Loan Closet is all cleaned out, with some items remaining. Thanks go to those who assisted Lion Dave in this endeavor. Lion Tom reported that the scrap aluminum donated to our Club resulted in two checks: $206.00 and $130.47 [our share of the split with District 20N], for a total of $336.47. NOTE: Car door magnets were not found in Loan Closet. Lion Dave will ask Lion Brian to get prices and work on a design for new ones. Also, Lion Dave will ask the Kelly family if they would like the two floor fans Lion Mike Kelly donated. If not, Lion Pat Patterson can use them.

D. Leadership Forum - To be held Sunday, August 29, 2010. Lion Annette needs to call with final count. She'll send an E-mail to Club members.

2. Correspondence: Joe DeMarco sent a reminder regarding the September 18, 2010 Fundraiser for "Wings - Flight of Hope".

Donna LaVallee forwarded a letter from a Grand Island High School Senior, Shelbi Milkas, who has been invited by the Trujilio, Peru Lions Club to be a Baton Twirler Ambassador in the 60th International Festival in Peru. Lion Dave read her letter, in which she requested financial assistance in covering her flight costs to Miami, Club Pins and other items. She will present the pins to dignitaries in Peru, and the event will help raise funds for charitable causes. After discussion, Lion Paul moved and Henry seconded a motion to provide 1 banner, 6 of each type of pin we have available, and a $100 check to help with her travel expenses. The motion was passed. Lion Tom will also donate "Walk for Sight" T-shirts. Some donated eyeglasses will also be given to her for distribution. Lion Tom suggested we send a letter to Shelbi, listing what we can provide. She can advise us what she can take with her.

Upon her return, Shelbi would like to give a presentation to our Club about her travels. The date will be arranged.

3. Secretary's Report: Lion Annette stated a Certificate of Appreciation was received from Canine Helpers for the Handicapped, for our donation to Cindy White.

A request for a donation was received from Freedom Guide Dogs. Referred to the Budget Committee.

A Parker Pen, in a gift box, will be the Club's gift to Guest Speakers. A sample was presented to the Board for review. Annette will order 20 pens @ $8.50 each.

Dues: Annette reported three more members paid their dues. There are still some outstanding. The current notification method to members is E-mail. After discussion, Annette will prepare an article for the September Newsletter. Lion Tom will research our Constitution regarding rules for dues payment.

4. Treasurer's Report: Lion Dick Crawford was not in attendance, but provided a Preliminary Report of the Welfare Budget. It was reviewed. Lion Diane suggested we hold further discussion in abeyance until Lion Dick arranges a Budget Committee Meeting, and prepares a current report for our September Meeting.

Lion Dave reported that the Grand Island Knights of Columbus gave a $200 check to our Club, as part of their proceeds from the Chicken BBQ and Las Vegas Night. Both he and the K of C were gratified by the Lions' participation in attending this event. A good time was had by all.

5. Committee Reports: A. Christmas Tree Sale - Lion Jerry reported on his efforts to date. He's made calls to secure a supplier, and when Lions Sean Kelly and Brian Grimm return from their road trips, he'll arrange a committee meeting. Lion Dave volunteered to sit on the committee.

B. GI Little League - Lion Mike reported re: our participation in helping to man the Veterans Park Hot Dog Stand. He's contacted a LL rep, who will bring the matter to their Board at an August meeting. Mike also will obtain more information when the snack stand schedule is received. He will then report further to our club.

C. Diabetes Screening- Lion Dave advised Lion Shelia will do the advertising. Lion Henry will assist her. Lion Annette suggested possibly including a Health Fair, with Speakers from the Pharmacy and Physical Therapy professions on the Island.

D. Bon-Ton - Lion Annette won't be in town from October 15th -December 15th. She'll contact Bon-Ton for further discussion.

E. White Cane Sale - Report pending from Lion Dick Planavsky.

F. Community Needs Assessment - Lions Tom Witkowski and Bill Wind will be contacting about 85 people when school resumes.

G. Membership Committee - Lion Paul reported that Lion Brooks Rimes will be inducted as our 3rd Vice-President at our September 8th meeting. He'll coordinate the induction ceremony with Lion Dick Crawford.

Lion Paul requested about 10 minutes to speak at our September 8th meeting re: Membership recruitment efforts.

6. New Business: Peace Poster Committee - Lion Paul reported he will start work on this in mid-September, and will arrange a Committee meeting.

Lion Dave announced the next Board Meeting will be on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010, following our regular Meeting.

Lion Henry moved to adjourn, seconded by Lion Mike. Motion passed. Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully Submitted by

Lion Diane Dubiel

Grand Island Lions Club Board of Directors Meeting September 22, 2010

Attendance: (12 in attendance) Dave Chervinsky, Henry Lobl, Annette Lobl, Dick Crawford, Paul Bassette, Anne Fahning, Donna Lavallee, Diane Dubiel, Gerry Dubiel, Tom Witkowski, Mike Steinagel, Al Ackerman.

Lion President Dave Chervinsky called the meeting to order at 9: 18 PM.

Treasurers Report: $8900 in the welfare fund and $2200 in general fund.

Redistricting: Lion Tom: Reviewed the details of the redistricting. We would get 1 vote for every 10 members. It will help districts that no longer have a voice in voting on international issues. It will benefit all Lions Clubs. Lion Mike made the motion that our club vote in favor of the redistricting. Seconded by Lion Henry. All in favor, motion passed. Vote will take place on November 6, 2010 at Hamburg Fair Grounds. All members are invited to represent the club. The members must be present to vote. Potential delegates are Lion Tom, Lion Dave and Lion Paul.

Dues: We just have a few members yet to pay. They will be given to the end of September

Brandel Murphy Youth Fund : The fund will be offering a $1000 matching grant to a club that supports projects that improve the lives of children. There will be 3 finalists and 1 winner of the grant. We could be doing a joint grant with The Miracle League. A baseball diamond that supports games that cater to children with special needs. The grant may need to be timely. Lion Dick made a motion that Lion Mike be the clubs liaison to The Miracle League and our possible joint effort in securing our grant application. Seconded by Lion Paul, all in favor. Motion passed. We need to find out when the deadline is for the grant. Lions Club International grants may also be available.

There was also discussion of the PDG Marie Grosso Cornerstone recognition Awards. For $150 an individual could be recognized for outstanding service and for $250 a club could be recognized. It was decided this will be passed on to the Awards committee to make a recommendation to the board. The awards committee oversees the Melvin Jones and Uplinger Awards. The Committee consists of all Uplinger and Melvin Jones recipients including Lions Crawford, Akerman, Bassette, Diane Dubiel.

Items for discussion: Christmas tree fundraiser: We need to continue to look into this further. We need to make sure that the club can make a profit from this. Items of discussion were that the monetary risk. An idea was brought up that the Lions Club would help Kelly's Country Store if they chose to take the lead in selling the trees. Lion Annette; Motion: That we as a club abandon the Christmas fundraiser and support Kelly's Country Store with man power and support if they decide to sell trees. Seconded by Lion Anne, all in favor, motion passed.

Lion Mike requested that the board decide on whether he should pursue the service at the GILL snack stand. Board votes yes. Motion to adjourn Lion Annette, seconded Lion Gerry, all in favor. Meeting adjourned 10:01 PM

Respectively submitted by Lion Donna Lavallee

Grand Island Lions Club Board of Directors Meeting October 27, 2010

Attendance: (9 in attendance) Dave Chervinsky, Dick Crawford, Paul Bassette, Anne Fahning, Donna Lavallee, Diane Dubiel, Tom Witkowski, Mike Steinagel, Dick Planavsky.

Lion President Dave Chervinsky called the meeting to order at 9: 11 PM.

Christmas Tree Fundraiser: A motion by Dick Planavsky to proceed with the Christmas Tree fundraiser as it was proposed by Sean Kelly. This being: The GI Lions club to assist with the Christmas tree sale with no financial risk to the club. Seconded by Dick Crawford. All in favor, motion passed. Discussion regarding the procedure. Lion Donna will contact clubs in the school regarding volunteer help. Lion Dick C will contact Young Life. Lions who volunteer should wear their yellow vest. Lions Donna, Dick C, Dick P. and Dave will work on coordinating the volunteer schedule for the Christmas tree sale. Lion Fred suggested that we have someone wear the Lion Suit.

There was discussion regarding the club purchasing a lighted sign to promote club activities. It could be used for Diabetes Screening, Spaghetti Dinner, White Cane sale, Christmas Tree Sale. The possibility that the sign could be rented out was also discussed. Lion Dick P made a motion that the club purchase the sign (he will do storage), with Lion Dick C. doing so at Sam's Club. Seconded by Dick C. All in favor, motion passed.

Crop walk: Lion Tom won some oil changes at the CROP walk. They will be put into a basket raffle for the spaghetti dinner.

Fundraiser: Presented by Lion Dave brought to the board by Brooks Rimes. Comedy club at Dandelions, comedian Rob Lederman, Tickets would be sold for $25 to see the act and 2 free drinks. We would need to sell 125 tickets; we could split with another club. An idea that we could consider in the future. This is also done by the GI alumni association, so we could not do this on GI as to be in competition for that group.

Lion Anne motion to adjourn, seconded all in favor.

Meeting adjourned 9:35 PM.

Respectively submitted by Lion Donna Lavallee

Grand Island Lions Club
Board of Directors Meeting
November 10, 2010
Attendance: (11 in attendance) Dave Chervinsky, Dick Crawford, Paul Bassette,  Anne Fahning, Donna Lavallee, Diane Dubiel, Mike Steinagel, Dick Planavsky, Al Ackerman, Fred Ruocco.

Lion President Dave Chervinsky called the meeting to order at 9:17 PM.

Proposals for donations. 
Motion for $100 to the Freedom Dogs by Lion Henry, seconded by Lion Paul, all in favor, motion passed.
Ray Wheeler Fund requests .50/member, Lion Dick counts 38 members.  Lion Anne made a motion that the club send $25, seconded Lion Mike, al in favor, motion passed.
Bermuda raffle fundraiser, tickets $5, if members wants to contribute it is open to members.
James, child will retinal tumors fundraiser on November 21, $75 was donated through members tonight.  This will go towards a basket.  Lion Dick will look into the situation.  Lion Anne made a motion to donate $100 if the child is an islander and it is legitimate.  Seconded by Lion Paul, all in favor, motion passed.
Grant for the Miracle League to be written for $500 and matching funds through Ray Wheeler by Lion Tom.  If we are chosen for matching Funds the club will commit $500.  Lion Paul made a motion that we apply for matching funds through Ray Wheeler for $500 for the Miracle League, seconded by Lion Dick P.  Vote taken, all in favor, motion passed.  The club’s has earmarked $500 for this purpose.  Lion Tom and Lion Mike will write a grant to LCIF along for matching funds for $75k.  These monies would have to be raised by Miracle League with some monies coming from our Lions Club.  The GI Lions Club is not necessarily committing to any set dollar amount.  The accounting needs to be consistent so that donations can be tax deductable.  The fact that Lions Club International Fund is 501 C3 may help with this tax status.  The application deadline is February.  The board indicated that Lion Tom and Lion Mike should take steps to see how this process will unfold.  Lion Mike and Lion Tom will report at future.  Miracle League’s ultimate goal is to raise $250,000.  Perhaps a board meeting on December 15th would work to further discuss how the process is going.
Niagara Frontier Radio Reading Service.  Lion Fred made a motion that we give $50 for this service, seconded Lion Dick P, all in favor, motion passed.

Lion Paul motion to adjourn, seconded by Lion Diane all in favor.

Meeting adjourned 10:05 PM.

Respectively submitted by Lion Donna Lavallee

Grand Island Lions Club
Board of Directors Meeting
December 1, 2010
Attendance: (9 in attendance) Dave Chervinsky, Tom Witkowski, Bill Wind,  Anne Fahning, Brooks Rimes, Brenda Rimes, Mike Steinagel, Donna Lavallee, Brian Grim.

Lion President Dave Chervinsky called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.

Request for donations: 
Camp Badger
AACC- American Association for Childhood Cancer

Convention:  MD 20 registration deadline is 12/01/10, registration fees increase to $30 until 3/1/11, until 3/15/11 registration is $40.  The convention is 4/29/11 – 5/1/11 in Rochester.

Hands across the Border sponsored by the Town of Wheatfield Lions Club will be on 1/18/11 from 6-10:30 PM.  The cost is $25

Community Needs Assessment:  Lion Bill Wind; A link is posted on Isle de Grande.  There has been minimal response.  Letters will go out in January.  We will invite other service clubs to come and visit on 4/13/11.  Lion Tom Witkowski will be meeting with Kevin Hartwick after the holidays. 

Lion Diane wanted the club to know that Lion Jim Muscoreil will be assisting the promotion of Lionism by being a Liaison for advertising on radio and television.

There will be a picture taken tomorrow to promote the Christmas tree sale.  Lions who are available will meet at Kelly’s at 1PM.
Lion Brian Grim:  Brian reported that there are 4 digital billboards on the outbound 33 to promote the sale.  There are also radio and TV commercials.

We will have a new member Gary Tucker will join our Lions Club in January.

Miracle League:  Mike Steinagel:  Mike has put together the Basic Grant to LCIF.  There have been 5 other proposals for Miracle League that have had some funding through LCIF.  District Governor Gary Carini is aware that the grant will be forthcoming, as the grant must go through the district.  Our club is the first to apply.  The matching funds requested will be $75,000.The Miracle League head of fund raising is very knowledgeable
The grant proposal was passed around for the board to review, included are blueprints, grading facilities, etc.  There will be a meeting on 12/09 at Lion Mikes house to finalize the file.

Lion Brian:  Lion Brian will arrange for new magnetic signs for the cars for the parade, size is 2’x18”, amounts colors to be approved then a proof can be put together.  We will be selling trees throughout the week, we have sold ≈ 20 trees.  We have 150 trees with 15 local lots to exchange with or get more trees if necessary.

Motion to adjourn:  Lion Bill, seconded by Lion Tom, all in favor.  Meeting adjourned 7:58PM 

Respectively submitted
by Lion Donna Lavallee