Board Meeting Minutes for 2006

Board Meeting Minutes for January 25th 2006

 -Present were Lions Chervinsky, Witkowski, Ackerman, Doring, Bassette, Norris, MacNeil, Dubiel D, and Dubiel J.  -Lion President Dubiel reported the need for a CRT Reader for Island resident Dominic Prine. The cost is ~ $2800. Fundraiser may be needed. Lion Bassette suggested it could be tied in with the Spaghetti Dinner. Lion Doring suggested a fundraising "Walk for Sight", in May, that he could help organize. After much discussion, it was resolved that we will help acquire the reader. Lion Bassette suggested contacting Lion Lou Macro for guidance in this matter. Lion D. Dubiel will call district contacts to see if a reader is available through other clubs.

-Lion Bassette brought the Blind and Charity Fund proposal to the Board for a vote. It was proposed that we support half of our allotment from the Blind and Charity Fund be diverted to UNYTS Eye Lab for naming rights. The amount will be ~$500/year for five years. The motion passed.

-Lion Witkowski discussed the MERL imitative and the need to do MTI screening on Grand Island. The board approved this and a committee was formed to work on this.

-Lion Doring talked about membership needs for our club and how we could recruit new members. Many options were discussed but it was agreed that all Lions should try and bring in new prospective members. Lion Doring made a motion to put up a sign in the Grand Island business district advertising the Lions membership during the month of April. The motion passed and Lion Doring will work on getting a sign at no cost to the club.

The meeting adjourned at 10:20PM.

Respectfully Submitted, Lion Dave Chervinsky

Board Meeting, Gr. Island Lions Club, February 22, 2006

Lion Norm Hahn showed the final 2 designs (both similar) for the 50th Anniversary Pin.  All thought it was very nice, very bold coloring. Featured on pin was a speedboat gliding over the water.  It will cost us about $2.70 ea.  D.G. Shivley told us about a company that some other clubs have used in the past & showed Norm a few samples, so he will check into their prices also.

The young Gr. Island boy that needed a CCTV no longer needs this device b/c his eyesight has gotten to bad to use any longer.

A request for us to help purchase a used wheelchair van $5,000, for a Gr. Island 6 yr old girl was brought to the board.  She has a very bulky wheelchair that can’t be folded so the family has asked us to purchase this van.  We will need for info from the family itself before we can move on this.  Lion President Gerry Dubiel will look into it further.

Meeting adjourned & seconded.

Respectfully submitted,

Lion Kathie Norris


Board Meeting Minutes for March 22nd, 2006.

 -Lions present were: J Dubiel, D.Dubiel, Schultz, Crawford, Norris, Ackerman, Chervinsky, Doring, Bassette, Ferrentino, Steinagel, Hahn, MacNeil, Ruocco and Fahning.

 -There was discussion with a need to pay the delegates for the 20N Convention. In addition Melvin Jones recipients who want to attend the Melvin Jones Luncheon would have to pay the Convention registration fee. Lion Floyd Doring made a motion to pay for a maximum of six delegates and/or Melvin Jones Recipients. The motion carried.

-There also was discussion of the deficit in the General Fund. It was noted that while money is collected at meetings for the General Fund and the 50th Anniversary, many Lions who don't attend the meetings don't contribute. Special raffles will be conducted at all meetings for this fiscal year and Lion Shelia Ferrentino volunteered to call all Lions and ask for a one-time donation to help offset the deficit in the General Account.

-Lion Al Ackerman noted the BLC was adding on tax to the dinner bills, in effect raising the price. He asked for an increase payment of $1 to offset this. The matter was deferred. Lion Ferrentino volunteered to call the BLC to see if the tax added charge was a misunderstanding of our previous agreement. 

-Lion Paul Bassette reminded the Board that a resolution was passed to drop any member who doesn't pay their dues by December 31st.

-Lion Bassette asked to board to pay for two Peace Poster kits for the coming year. The measure passed. Also $79 was needed for the lettering above the Peace Poster display at the GI Library. This was sent to the budget committee.

-Lion Bassette asked Lion J Dubiel for quick scheduling of the Peace Poster Awards Meeting in order that everyone could be notified.

-Lion Doring discussed membership and the need for new members. Lion Ferrrentino volunteered to man a membership booth to recruit new members at the Spaghetti Dinner.

-The meeting adjourned at 10:00PM.

Respectfully submitted,  Lion Dave Chervinsky



Board Meeting Minutes for April 26th, 2006.

 -Lions present were: J Dubiel, D.Dubiel,  Norris, Ackerman, Chervinsky, Ferrentino, Steinagel, Hahn, and MacNeil.

 -The $25 gift card from Eckerd's Drug store was discussed and a proposal was made to raffle it off at the next meeting with the proceeds going into the General Fund.

-Lion D. Dubiel discussed a fundraiser sponsored by Pizza Hut. We would be responsible for advertising and Pizza Hut would give us 20% of the proceeds on a given night.

-Lion Ackerman reported that 200 50th Anniversary Pins were purchased at a price of $3 each. It was agreed by the board that all Lions who attend the function would receive one free pin. Any member who does not attend can buy one pin at cost ($3). Any and all additional pins will cost $5 each.

-Lion Chervinsky reported he would get an updated directory to all members.

-Lion Steinagel proposed that we take 10% administrative fees from fundraising events to help fund the General Account. Lion Norris reported that LCI allows for such overhead being deducted from fundraising events. There was a short discussion and the proposal was voted on and passed.

-Lion Chervinsky noted there was a proposal passed in 2004 to bill Lions dues in May for the coming fiscal year. This may help prevent late payments by some members. Lion Secretary Norris agreed to send out the bills in May. The Board was also reminded that members that don't pay dues by December 31st of any fiscal year would be dropped from the club.

-It was reported that a Lion has inquired about a leave of absence and it was noted that the member still must pay dues.

-Lion Ferrentino reported that the tax added to the dinner bills for the Lions meetings was discussed with BLC management and resolved. Lion Ackerman concurred that the matter was resolved.

-The meeting adjourned at 10:20PM.

Respectfully submitted,  Lion Dave Chervinsky



Board Meeting for June 28th 2006

-Present were Lions Norris, Dubiel J, Dubiel D, Ferrentino, Chervinsky, Ackerman, Hahn, and MacNiel.

-Lion President Dubiel received four tickets for the Lancaster Lions "Steak Out" picnic to be held July 20th at 3PM in the Como Park Casino. Cost is $17 per person. Tickets were turned over to incoming President Hahn.

-Lion Dubiel also announced there are no more Wheelchairs in the loan closet. He is aware of one request that was not fulfilled. He suggested we have a sign up sheet for wheelchairs to better track them in the future. He also suggested we advertise for more donations in the local papers.

-Kids picnic hats are not here yet. Lion Dubiel will check on this.

-There is a Lions leadership forum September 14-16 in Columbus Ohio. Details were given to Lion Hahn.

Lion Secretary Norris reported the American Diabetes Association is having a fundraiser  on August 5th at the Bisons Game. Tickets for the game are $6, four dollars of which will be donated to the ADA. Game time is 7:05PM. Call 836-0274 ext 3701 for info. Lion Dubiel made a motion (which was passed) to donate $50 to the ADA.

-Lion Dubiel turned over all correspondence, committee lists etc to incoming President Hahn.

The Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,  Lion Dave Chervinsky



Board meeting minutes for July 26th 2006

-Present were Lions Ackerman, Ruocco, Fahning, Ferrentino, Hahn, Dubiel D, Dubiel J, and Chervinsky.

-Kids Picnic was discussed. More organization needed. Will discuss more at wrap up meeting.

-Lion President Norm announced White cane will be August 25th-26th. Lion Planavsky will be contacting lions for sign up. Sheet was passed around.

-Loan closet needs cleanup and sign-out sheet for wheelchairs. Lion Witkowski will arrange for walkers to be donated to a nursing home.

-Lion President Hahn discussed an organizational meeting he attended on the District level. He discussed the approval needed to merge with other clubs, a family dues amendment for husband and wife lions and the fact that fundraising events for local clubs have no geographic boundaries.

-Lion Hahn passed around a large thank you card from the Catalatian Center for their invitation to the Kids Picnic.

-Lion Chervinsky suggested updating the Roster for the 50th anniversary. Asked Lions for input.

-It was agreed to drop Lions Carr and Crump for delinquent dues.

-Meeting adjourned at 8:25PM.

Respectfully submitted,  Lion Dave Chervinsky



Board Meeting Minutes for August 30th 2006

-Called to order at 7:15PM Present for the meeting are Lions Dubiel D, Dubiel J, Chervinsky, Ruocco, Bassette, Hahn, Norris, and Ferrentino.

-Lion President Hahn noted there was a lack of participation at the White Cane Drive and ways of improving were discussed. Unofficial tally was around $1200.

-The board agreed to send letters to Jim Crump and Sandy Carr explaining why they have been dropped from the Club.

-Lion Bassette read a letter from Roz Butler thanking us for inviting the widows to the couple’s picnic.

-Also noted were thank yous from the Catalatian center for the Kids Picnic and from Equistar for our donation to them.

-Lion Hahn showed the board the blue ribbon award we received from the town for sixth place in the Independence Day Parade for antique cars.

-The Grand Island phone books add placement was discussed. Lion Norris volunteered to place the add for our Club.

-The Grand Island Youth Ambassador Program requested a donation. This was sent to the Budget committee.

-Lion Bassette noted that the Peace Poster Display was completed at the Grand Island Public Library. He urged all Lions to check it out.

-Lion Bassette visited the LCI Headquarters in Oakbrook IL and noted that membership is declining in a number of countries including the USA. He urged the club to be more visible in the community with new projects. Lions Ferrentino and Ruocco volunteered to work with Membership Chair Lion Wixson in this regard. Lion J. Dubiel suggested prospective members could be recruited when we give out items from the loan closet. Lion Chervinsky suggested a sign on the loan closet to make us more visible. Lion D. Dubiel told the club we could advertise on the senior center bulletin board. Lion Ferrentino volunteered to implement these ideas. Lion Bassette suggested we advertise the fact we accept women into the club and have our women members recruit other women.

-Lion Chervinsky passed around a rough copy of the upcoming roster and asked for suggestions.

-Lion Hahn announced the next board meeting would be Sept. 27th.

-The meeting was adjourned at 8:34PM.

Respectfully submitted,  Lion Dave Chervinsky



Board Meeting Minutes for 09/27/2006.

 -Present for the Board meeting were Lions Hahn, Fahning, Steinagel, Ruocco, MacNeil, Norris, Ferrentino, Bassette, Crawford, Dubiel D, Dubiel J, Witkowski, and Chervinsky.

-Lion Bassette announced the Peace Poster judging would take place October 23rd at Lion Kaniecki’s house.

-Lion Bassette described problems with the Peace poster display at the Library and the need to redo it. Lion Crawford made a motion for the club to spend up to $125 for this and the club unanimously approved it.

-Lion Bassette reported that we need to nominate an Uplinger award candidate or we will lose the money allocated. Lion Crawford believes that the last Melvin Jones winner chairs this. Lion Chervinsky will look this up in past minutes and Lion Bassette agreed to chair. Lion Witkowski reported that we have until June 30th to nominate someone.

-Lion Ferrentino asked if anything more could be done to get inactive lions to attend meeting. Letters and personal contact were discussed.

-Lion Crawford brought up a donation request from John Harbison and his son who are funding an eye operation for girl and for a Hospital in Haiti. Crawford suggested we host a dinner at the Tuesday night band concerts in the town center this coming summer. The board gave approval for him to set something up for this. An outright donation for the girls’ surgery was sent to the budget committee.

-Lion J. Dubiel discussed Sight First II and their request for a fundraiser for their operation. Lion Hahn said this would be discussed at the upcoming zone meeting.

Lion Witkowski will recruit someone from Sight First II to speak at our first meeting in November.

-The meeting was adjourned at 10:05PM.

Respectfully submitted, Lion Dave Chervinsky



Board Meeting Minutes for October 25th 2006

-Lions present were Bassette, Steinagel, MacNeil, Dubiel D, Dubiel J, Hahn, Ferrentino, Norris, Ackerman, Fahning, Chervinsky, Wixson, Ruocco, and Crawford.

-The board voted and moved to accept new member Donna LaValle. Induction would be on November 8th.

-Lion Bassette reported he will chair a committee to nominate Melvin Jones and Robert Uplinger award Candidates, Committee would include Lions McCarthy, Wixson, Dubiel J, and Norris (non voting). The cost for the Melvin Jones award is $1000 to the club.

-Lion Crawford announced a budget committee meeting was needed and scheduled it for Nov 2nd.

-Lion Crawford received a request for a wheelchair from an Island resident on Whitehaven road. The board agreed to provide this.

-Lion Dubiel D, will write an article for the dispatch to let the community know we have durable health materials like wheelchairs available.

-Several items went to budget. $40 request from the general meeting and a donation for Angel Flight.

-Lion Chervinsky requested guidance on who should receive the newsletter. It was agreed only members, and the 20N current president should receive it.

-It was reported that Bank documents indicate we are a tax exempt and incorporated club. Records indicate that Lions MacNeil and Ackerman are authorized to write checks. It was agreed that on all future transactions two signatures would be required and that four lions would be authorized to do so.

-Meeting adjourned at 9:45PM.

Respectfully submitted, Lion Dave Chervinsky



Board Meeting Minutes for November 29th 2006

 -Present were Lions: Bassette, Hahn, Witkowski, Norris, Fahning, Steinagel, Dubiel J, Dubiel D, Ferrentino, Ackerman, and Chervinsky.

-Lion President Hahn reported on the ACM meeting held on Nov. 9th.

-Joe Biondo was impressed with our induction ceremony on new member Lion Donna LaVallee.

-The District wants to set up a Hearing Foundation in the Name of Mary Stotelmyere.

-Lion DG Kim Stribing asked that individual clubs contribute to replace the money spent on disaster relief. This was sent to the budget committee.

-Lion’s official uniforms are: Kaki pants, blue jacket, white shirt and (for convention only) white shoes.

-Next district cabinet meeting is scheduled for Feb. 17th 2007.

-Hands Across the Border will be held on January 16th at the Days Inn, Niagara Falls, NY.

-Tonawanda Lions need help with membership. Merging with our club was discussed. At this point, it was decided this was not an option. Members were asked to try and recruit new members for that club.

-Lion Hahn brought up the possibility of an antique appraisal auction as a fundraiser. The idea embraced enthusiastically and a committee of Lions Hahn, Ferrentino, Fahning, and Crawford was set up. Lion Mike Kelly would be contacted for his input.

-Lion Treasurer Ackerman presented tentative budgets for Welfare and General Accounts. He noted there would be a shortfall of $2100 for the Welfare Account mainly due to the loss of the Golf Tournament.

-Treasurer’s report showed a balance of $2325 in the General Account and $3730 in the Welfare Account.

-Lion Witkowski talked about Sight First II. In addition to the solicitation of major donors and special fundraising we need to decide how much the Club as a whole would donate to SFII. This was sent to budget.

-Lion Hahn suggested we should communicate more with other Clubs and the District. It was recommended that we send our Newsletter to key people in the District, such as the zone and regional chairs and the International Pubic Relations Chairman. Lion Chervinsky will take care of this.

-Lion Crawford suggested getting HS students involved with the Spaghetti Dinner. They need community service projects and would help sell tickets.

-Lion Secretary Norris read Thank you notes from Canine Helpers and Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Also, a thank you, from Roz Butler for the invitation to the 50th Anniversary dinner was read.

-A request for donation to Opportunities Unlimited was sent to the Budget Committee.

-DG Kim Stribing will visit our club at the January 10th Meeting. We will also have our Sister Club from Merritton present.

-There is an Environmental Photo Contest run by LCI. Lion Norris suggested we go to the web site for information:

-Lion Chervinsky reminded the board of the deadline for paying dues and suggested we contact members who are late with payment.

-The next board meeting was set for December 27th, 7PM at the Knights of Columbus.

-Meeting was adjourned at 9PM.

Respectfully submitted,  Lion Dave Chervinsky



Board Meeting Minutes for December 27th 2006

-Lions present for the board meeting were: Ruocco, Fahning, Bassette, Chervinsky, Steinagel, Witkowski, Dubiel D, Dubiel J, Hahn, Ferrentino, and Norris.

-Lion Bassette brought up the cost of widows being invited to Lions functions. Traditionally our club has invited them to the Installation dinner and the Couples Picnic at the clubs expense. They were recently invited to the Christmas party at our expense. Given the state of our General Account, Lion Dubiel D made a motion that we continue to pick up the cost for the Installation Dinner and the Couples Picnic but other events will be addressed as needed. This was unanimously passed by the board.

-Lion President Hahn asked about the Nominating Committee timeline and who is on it. Lion Bassette will check on this.

- Lion Fahning gave a brief report of the recent Budget Committee meeting. The general account now has a balance of ~$1600 while the Welfare Account will have a $2200 deficit after expenses are paid out. The new fundraisers will be critical to balancing this deficit.

-Lion Bassette noted that a Melvin Jones award nomination would cost the club $1000 and a committee will be needed for this and the Uplinger Award. It was noted that The Uplinger nomination would bring back $300 to the club. A resolution was passed that a committee would be formed for both awards, and nominate a Melvin Jones candidate for this year, or next year, contingent on funding. Committee members for the Melvin Jones Award would include the immediate past president, secretary (ex-officio) and all previous living award recipients (Lions Bassette, Wixson, Witkowski, McCarthy, and Joe Zorra).

-Lion Witkowski explained our club would get a percentage of funds back that we contribute for the Campaign for Sight.

-Lion Norris reminded Lions to bring in and proceeds from the Bon-Ton Fundraiser and suggested that we put the reminder in the newsletter.

-Lion President Hahn brought up the issue of delinquent dues and how the club should handle it. A long discussion ensued. Lion Steinagel made a motion to give the Membership Committee Chairman responsibility for this but after discussion the motion failed. Lion Bassette will check the Constitution to see how this should be handled in the future. It was agreed Lion Secretary Norris will contact the lions that are currently delinquent to get payment or they will be dropped as per previous resolutions.

-Lion Bassette motioned that the President bring a copy of the Constitution to all board meetings. The motion passed.

-Lion Dubiel J reminded lions that we get $1 for every qualifying printer or toner cartridge we bring in for recycling. It will be put in the Newsletter.

-Lion Dubiel D reported that the Pizza Hut Fundraiser would be on February 19th. Lion Dubiel will send a news article for this to the Dispatch and lion Steinagel will have flyers printed.

-Lion Ferrentino inquired about upcoming meetings. It was noted the January 10th meeting would be at the K of C, and the February 14th (Valentines) meeting would be at the Holiday Inn. There is no speaker for the January 24th meeting but Lion Bassette noted he is trying to get past International Director John Rabideau for this date.

-Lion Witkowski brought in pictures of the “we miss you lions” with pricing. This was sent to Budget.

-Lion Bassette suggested we get Plaques for the Holiday Inn and BLC that recognizes we hold our meetings there. Lion Bassette will look into pricing before a motion is made.

-Meeting adjourned at 8:42PM.

Respectfully submitted,  Lion Dave Chervinsky